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Read the stories from readers and clients of Aine's who have worked with her and experienced incredible change in their babies and their lives.

1-2-1 Clients

Jida Choura

I started working with Aine at 9 months and she has been a dream, she saved me from myself. I think I was this close to depression.

My son was nagging and fussy all day I didn’t know what was wrong. A few days in with Aine and I had a different baby.

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"Okay so I’m going to start from the very beginning. I gave birth on 24th of May 2018 at 6:46 am in Montreal Canada. After being in labour with my water broken since 9 am on 23rd of May. 22 hours of labour, with no epidural. No drugs. Not cause I’m champ I have back surgery and I can’t take an epidural - I’m allergic to laughing gas. I have scoliosis so my pain was at one point in my leg and that was harder than the pushing part in my opinion.

Not to bore you with my delivery story.

Bassel arrived to the world and straight to the NICU he had swallowed meconium - pooped in my uterus- it was nothing serious he was just breathing a bit faster than they liked per min.

4 days in the NICU and I was discharged, in St. Marry in Montreal if your discharged you get a single bed next to the NICU shared with other people. My husband and I shared the bed for 4 days, pain stitches and all.

We were finally discharged and I was expecting new born bliss where my son will sleep like a baby.

To my surprise Bassel just wouldn’t sleep. He wanted to be held constantly and was feeding every hour and a half.

He was crying hysterically. In my desperate attempt I googled and realised I was having a lot of diary so decided to go diary free. The crying was less in two days but he still didn’t sleep and wanted to be held constantly.

I hadn’t slept in a proper bed since before I gave birth I was exhausted. But everyone said this is normal he misses being inside me it will pass. Few days later and my son was still waking up as soon as I put him down crying and would fall asleep as soon as I carried him.

I couldn’t believe this was how newborns were but nurses insisted this is part of the journey and that I should carry him and try to put him on his back flat. As soon as I did that he would wake.

So a week in I realised I need to carry my son and sleep -terrified of sids- my husband -who was on paternity leave- and I would take turns. My mother was there so she also helped. We alternated. I was so tired I used to wake up when I did sleep alone searching for my son in bed hallucinating. But all of this was normal. I was told. 

A month in, I was still carrying my son who would no way sleep flat in his bassinet - cocoona baby saved my sanity - so using it made it a bit better as in I could put him down for 30 min.

He was feeding continuously and I was told to suck it up that all mothers go through this and that babies are meant to sleep but my son seems to not need much of it. I was told I was coping badly.

Desperately I tried and held him during the day so he sleeps and held him at night and basically held him 20 hours of the day.

I knew something was wrong, he would hiccup a lot and would keep feeding and arching his back but he was gaining weight they checked him for a tongue tie. He didn’t have one. Be patient they said, it’ll pass they said. 

3 months in I was sure he had silent reflux but no Dr would believe me cause my son was gaining weight. My Dr told me "of course he’s gonna cry he’s a baby, this is motherhood". And it’s my first baby.

I refused this, I googled and decided to hold him up after feeds or sit him up not change his diaper after feeds. "Be patient," they said, "your son is just a difficult sleeper". That’s what they said when I complained that he wakes every 90 min to feed.

6 months came and all hell went loose. We started solids, I was told to start with carrots.

He threw them up, sweet potato or potato  - we didn’t sleep that night- he did well with certain veggies than suddenly projectile vomiting. He was losing weight and I was still holding my son to sleep.

Only when he started losing weight was when he was diagnosed with reflux and put on medication I was told to wait it out. It will pass as he grows. But he was scratching his ear for months now and know would tell me why. He has allergies he’ll outgrow them.

At 8 months I was going crazy he wouldn’t sleep, I spent a month carrying him at night with him waking every house and I was at my wits end. His eczema was bad and no one was helping me.

This is when I decided to fend for myself.

I started working with Aine at 9 months and she has been a dream, she saved me from myself. I think I was this close to depression.

My son was nagging and fussy all day I didn’t know what was wrong. A few days in with Aine and I had a different baby.

The month with her saved my sanity and cured his itch. His eczema and my eczema I discovered I was histamine intolerant and this was causing my son problems while nursing.

I discovered diary free means beef free and learnt how to look out for allergy signs and what I should and shouldn’t be eating.

She taught me patience with the process and she gave me hope as she had been through this. Aine saved us!"

Rhian Clarke

After seeing multiple doctors and specialists and trying to figure out my sons reflux issues I got in touch with Aine. She was the only person that managed to help us get our son off of a high dose of medication which was a dream come true. Her approach helped us pin point trigger foods that upset our sons system so we could start a consistent approach to his diet. I wish that I’d had found her sooner than I did-she was a life saver!!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone battling reflux issues as she is so knowledgeable in her field.

Leanne Tojagic

A true professional, honouring her word and always being there for not only food - advice, but for helping me with my mental health in my times of need too.

Thanks Aine. x

Aine and I started to work together when my daughter had just turned 1. I was breastfeeding and struggling with figuring out what was bothering her.

When everything bothered her.

She wouldn’t sleep, she refluxed day and night, and breastfed every hour.

Aine helped me through my elimination diet and though we had some successes it wasn't all successful - our journey has become an extremely complex one.

Needless to say, the whole time Aine has coached me through my struggles as a breastfeeding mother, barely eating anything to getting some safe foods on board.

Aine helped me through those struggles by reassuring, empathising, advising and guiding me.

Every day.

Aine helped not only me, but my family too, my husband and my daughter as well as myself.

I spoke to Aine like she was a family member, if not more often (!) and her advice was always valued.

She was always professional no matter how bizarre my questions or neurotic I was in a particular moment.

Aine always came back to me when she wasn’t able to give an answer straight away, she’d do some research into our situation and then give an answer.

Although we are currently ‘pausing’ our journey, I will come back to working with Aine when we have an answer for our little one as she was truly fabulous and I value her opinion and expertise on our food journey.

A true professional, honouring her word and always being there for not only food- advice, but for helping me with my mental health in my times of need too.

Thanks Aine. x

Megan Pearle

"Absolutely lovely lady with such confidence in what she does with lots of knowledge which I found gave me the confidence boost I needed with my daughter who suffers from reflux. Working with you was easy and nothing was too much trouble! I’m so glad I got in contact with you, my daughter is now a different baby and I cannot thank you enough!

Highly recommend to anyone xx"

Workshop Attendees

Sophie & Baby Zach

"Aine, The Baby Reflux Lady, in our house she is now known as a real-life angel.

I cannot recommend this lady enough. I can finally rest easy knowing my son is going to be ok."

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How do I start this...?

Well I have had a really rough 6 month with my son to the point where it began to affect my whole family unit, my confidence as a mother, anxiety and pure fear was just rattling me to the core, it also came to the point where my other child was becoming so anxious and worried about her little brother - it was heart-breaking.

Reflux is exactly what Aine Homer states it is reflux is “A symptom of an underlying condition.”

So I will start from the beginning. My son was born in august 2018 he was brought into the world quite quickly. It took him a long time to feed after his birth which worried me (he is bottle fed). 

He began to feed but very slowly and not taking in anywhere near as much as he should have. He was also spitting up quite a lot; the midwife reassured me it was mucus from his birth and it would all calm down in the coming days; and to not worry, he would adapt a normal feeding routine. 

And like that I was sent home. The next couple of days were hard with a new born and a 3-year old, but we got through it. Only for my family support I would have crumbled. 

On day nine, my son had a violent vomiting experience - the noise of the vomiting alone would frighten any parent. It came from his nose and mouth, and these vomits didn’t stop.

The vomiting became so frequent it happened after most feeds.

I then had my two week check up with my doctor, who told me to either go back to the maternity hospital or to the children’s hospital. The maternity hospital I attended said they didn’t deal with these cases and I was best to go to the hospital where they could do the tests needed. 

I suspected my son might have had pyloric stenosis, or a possible tongue tie. I brought him to the children’s hospital and they did all the necessary checks and ruled out pyloric stenosis and a tongue tie, but told me my son had reflux.  They offered medication as the solution. I was relived - I had an answer and there was nothing seriously wrong. 

Two weeks to the date he started the medication, which, was very hard to get my son to take, he began to vomit again; to the point where he turned blue and we needed to call an ambulance. 

He was only 4 weeks old. His oxygen levels had dropped so they took him back to the children’s hospital and he was admitted for 4 nights and 5 days. 

He was diagnosed with stridor, and his medication dose was doubled.

His oxygen levels came back up and he was showing great signs of recovery.  I was reassured that this would all stop once he began to solids and he was sitting up. 

They told me things would become better for him by 6 months 

He was feeding, but because his centiles had dropped so much and his weight gain wasn’t coming up to where it was meant to be quick enough, he was put on a special milk via a tube. He was on this feed for 8 weeks. 

While it worked, giving him a much-needed boost in weight, I felt it was just filling him up too much and it was time to try to get him back on a more normal feeding regime. We were assigned a dietician from the children’s hospital who recommended he go back on his original milk. We did this, and also stopped the meds (my choice) as it just became impossible to get him to take them. 

He had a very bad reaction to this milk (his original one), where, he once, again ended up in A&E with the combination of vomiting and a viral infection. He was discharged a couple of hours later. I was told to “leave things well enough alone and go back on the medication” and the specialist milk. 

My gut instinct told me this problem was more than just reflux. There had to be something wrong, something causing all this suffering.

Only then was I told about anti-reflux milks. I started him on this around 4 months. He was like a new child, no vomiting, no fussing. He became a pleasure to have, but all good things come to end…

2 weeks after the anti-reflux milk, we started solids. He was really enjoying his food, it took him time to get used to but he was really enjoying it. 

Then the vomiting started again, except this time it was like a hose pipe. It didn’t stop. He didn’t want his bottles, his solids, nothing. He became so fussy it was like having a newborn all over again.

I knew he wasn’t unwell e.g. a viral infection or other illness, it was all the signs of the reflux starting again almost like a flare up. 

This is when I discovered Aine, The Baby Reflux Lady, in our house she is now known as a real-life angel

I got in contact with Ai ne through Instagram. She was so supportive and informative from the start, she recommended I do the online workshop.

During the workshop, it was me and 3 other ladies, all going through similar situations with our babies.  I felt then that I a NOT alone, because having a reflux baby feels extremely lonely at times. 

For the workshop, Aine gave us some information about reflux and different blogs she had written, beforehand we filled out an online questionnaire which gave her an insight into what our children were experiencing. After explaining how we could read all of our children’s symptoms as a pattern, she gave us individual attention for a short period and gave us specific actions to take based on the questionnaire responses we provided.

I can honestly say that I left the workshop feeling so hopeful, feeling like I knew there were answers, I could help my son and to get my family life and unit back together and to start enjoying my son again. To allow him to be the happy healthy baby he wants to be, through all this he always gave us smiles so it did make it a bit easier.

We’re still on this journey but I can honestly say that Aine gave me this stepping stone, gave me the advice I needed and not only that, she listened to me and made me feel that things were going to be ok. 

I cannot recommend this lady enough. I can finally rest easy knowing my son is going to be ok. 

I just want other mothers to know that there is support out there other than medications. In my sons case, I knew medication was not going to fix his problem, that’s not to say it doesn’t work for other children. It did work for my son but not to the point where I felt he was fully happy and comfortable and everything was under control.

Once again thank you Aine, I will never go a day without being grateful for your help and support.

And my son will know all about this some day, thank you from all my family,

Sophie X

Cara Lewis

After many frustrating sessions with the doctors & being told it’s colic and knowing it’s not, I was introduced to Aine, her book & work shop helped me so much.
Everything she said made sense and after weeks of feeling helpless that I couldn’t ease my 8 weeks old pain I now feel empowered to take action & help my 8 week old girl get rid of her reflux. If you’re at a loss & want clarity & advice then I can’t recommend Aine enough!

Sally Norman

Aine has a fantastic wealth of knowledge, I would 100% recommend the workshop for anyone who feels they are stuck at what to do next and want to get to the real root cause of their babies reflux. We have followed Aine's advice and implemented a few changes and oh my gosh! the difference is unbelievable. We now have a little boy who will sleep on his back without screaming, it's so nice to finally see him rested and not uncomfortable. He's so much happier. Thank you so much Aine, I really recommend this! Xx

Book Readers

Lydia Porter

"I'm finally enjoying parenting... I would recommend every pregnant lady and new mother read Aine's book."

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I discovered Aine's book at a point of complete desperation with my 8 week old son. He was having daily episodes of intense, pained screaming immediately after some feeds and yet not after others. My instincts told me not to medicate and that it was something I was eating, that he was reacting to (via my breastmilk). However my diet is already dairy and gluten free, which seemed to be the most common sensitivities, so I had no idea where to start with eliminating other foods. I tried to search for information, but found nothing that seemed to make sense, until I discovered Aine's book and website. Finally I had found a wealth of information, that gave me not only answers, but an achievable solution, in the form of Aine's elimination diet and meal plans. It was also incredibly useful to be able to read why certain foods can be too much for a baby's immature digestive system.

I began to follow the elimination diet, also adding foods that I react to (as Aine's suggests), and within 24hrs I had a different baby! 

My son is now 6 months old, happy, confident and I'm finally enjoying parenting him. 

I would recommend every pregnant lady and new mother read Aine's book.

Kathii Hodge

I now truly believe about treating the cause, not the symptoms, it's working for us. And to my friend handed me the book and Aine Homer for writing it, I can't thank you enough.

My son H is 12 weeks old, he has been unsettled with reflux all this time and it has been the hardest journey I ever been on, it's tested my relationship with ww husband and robbed us of enjoying the "newborn days".

I knew something wasn't right with Harrison when he just didn't sleep and kept being sick, I took him to the Dr and I was told he had reflux.

I only knew about reflux because I had searched H's symptoms. Gaviscon was prescribed. He didn't really seem any different but thought it was early days. I was giving infacol too but was told by a friend not to use both together so I used gripe water instead. This didn't help so I asked my health visitor if I could use and was advised it was fine. But His reflux was so bad, I wasn't convinced, so I took him off infacol.

After vaccinations a couple of days later H was crying so much he wouldn't feed or sleep and we ended up in hospital. The Dr said "it's just his reflux, he needs some sleep"

But I wasn't happy and H didn't seem any better so I took him back to the Dr and this one said "the problem is that you care too much as parents, he'll grow out of it, just leave him in another room to cry". I wasn't happy about this and begged her that something be done, she reluctantly gave us Ranitidine (R)

So R was awful, There was diarrhoea at every nappy change. So I stopped giving it com returned to tho Dr. This one asked me "what do you want us to do?" So I asked her to refer us to Bupa. She consulted with another Dr and said "what we think is there's nothing wrong with H, it's in your head so we are gong to refer you to a psychologist". I walked out in tears.

No one would help me and I started to think my little boy would be better cared for by someone who knew what they were doing and were stronger than me.


Then a friend of mine handed me the Reflux Baby Lady's Survival Guide..and I read it.

Amazing. A positive approach from someone who has lived this nightmare.

So I got H's tongue the snipped, took him for cranial osteopathy, saw a paediatrician, had a session with a breast feeding advisor, stopped eating nuts (a packet of chocolate almonds a day), started taking probiotics and really worked hard on helping my little one to sleep. All in the last week. 

And it's been really hard. I've cried in a room away from H when his dad comes home every day thinking I'm not strong enough but we are coming out the other side now.

He's sick hardly at all. He sleeps during the day, he is discovering the world with his new-found freedom of his mouth and he is a lot calmer. We are now on a better journey to solving the reflux.

I now truly believe about treating the cause, not the symptoms, it's working for us.

And to my friend handed me the book and Aine Homer for writing it, I can't thank you enough. Xxx

Holly Ellis

It was your book that gave me hope and resulted in a very happy mother and baby team

Your book absolutely saved us. At the time, my son and I were in a desperate situation. 

Every time I fed him we were both in tears. He was screaming and kept pulling off, and I was so upset that something was causing him so much pain.

After researching online for some answers, I came across your book and all its amazing reviews and bought it instantly. 

I couldn’t believe that he was showing so many symptoms that you list in your book, and that they were all related! Finally – it was starting to make sense. I felt like I could have written that symptom list myself. 

Thanks to your elimination diet and food diary, I worked out the triggers. I couldn’t believe that finally I had a happy baby that was feeding without pain, and I could finally breastfeed the way I imagined, and I absolutely loved it.

I recommended your book for a couple of women in my breastfeeding group too.

Thank you once again, because after numerous visits from breastfeeding consultants and doctors appointments and health visitor discussion, it was your book that gave me hope and resulted in a very happy mother and baby team.

Thank you once again for taking the time to check up on us. It means a lot.


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