Praise for the Baby Reflux Lady

The difference is unbelievable.

"I recommend the 'Reflux Free Baby' workshop 100% for anyone who feels they are stuck with how to deal with baby reflux. We have followed Áine's advice and implemented a few changes and oh my gosh! The difference is unbelievable. We now have a little boy who will sleep on his back without screaming, it's so nice to finally see him rested and not uncomfortable. He's so much happier. Thank you so much Áine, I really recommend this!" 

Sally Norman

Sally Norman Baby Reflux Lady Review

Finally, I had a happy baby

"My son and I were in a desperate situation. I was so upset that something was causing him so much pain. Thanks to your elimination diet and food diary, I worked out the triggers. I couldn't believe that finally I had a happy baby that was feeding without pain, and I could finally breastfeed the way I imagined, and I absolutely loved it." 

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Rhian Clarke Baby Reflux Lady Review

She is so knowledgeable in her field

"After seeing multiple doctors and specialists and trying to figure out my sons reflux issues I got in touch with Áine. Áine was the only person that managed to help us get our son off of a high dose of medication which was a dream come true. I wish that I’d had found her sooner than I did - she was a life saver!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone battling reflux issues as she is so knowledgeable in her field"Rhian Clarke

The best money I have spent

"Wow! Áine really knows her stuff. After doing the workshop I now understand what's causing my baby's reflux and have a plan of action. Instead of masking her symptoms with horrible medications I now know how to treat the root cause. Áine's workshop is the best money I have spent and her genuine care and desire to help is clear from the minute you meet her. I am so incredibly grateful for her knowledge and expertise in this area and know in my gut that this is the best path I could choose in terms of treating my daughter's pain and discomfort. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU Áine. You are an incredible source of knowledge and I have learned so much. I no longer feel paralysed and helpless as to what's causing my baby's pain!" Emily Loughran

The best decision for my baby

"Having a baby with reflux left me full of dread as I approached weaning age. I signed up for the 'Reflux Free Baby' Weaning course and instantly felt relief and empowered to make the best decisions for my baby that would not result in a downwards reflux spiral! My baby is loving every mealtime and it has become the fun and exciting part of parenting that I always wanted it to be!" Julie Ann Murray 

Julie Ann Murray Baby Reflux Lady Review
Jida Baby Reflux Lady Review

A few days in I had a differnet baby

"I started working with Áine at 9 months and she has been a dream, she saved me from myself. I think I was this close to depression. My son was nagging and fussy all day I didn’t know what was wrong. A few days in with Áine and I had a different baby.

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What a revelation

"Having struggled with wind and reflux with my daughter for almost 11 months, despite all the medications, milks, weaning etc. I finally came across this page and signed up to the workshop. My goodness me - what a revelation! It all made sense and we are now 3 days post tongue-tie division and improved massively! It's very early days but I have my fingers and toes crossed. 

I cannot thank Áine enough, I was at the end of my tether with a grumpy uncomfortable little girl and post natal depression. Now I see the light at the end of the tunnel."

I can't recommend Aine enough

"After many frustrating sessions with the doctors & being told it’s colic and knowing it’s not, I was introduced to Áine, her book & workshop helped me so much. Everything she said made sense and after weeks of feeling helpless that I couldn’t ease my 8 weeks old pain I now feel empowered to take action & help my 8 week old girl get rid of her reflux. If you’re at a loss & want clarity & advice then I can’t recommend Áine enough!

Cara Lewis

Cara Lewis Baby Reflux Lady Review

2 weeks, no meds & a happier baby

"It's been 2 weeks no meds today and overall a happier baby, still work to do but getting there! Oliver had his 9 month check today was smiling the whole time, laughing and giggling when having his weight and height taken which is unheard of! I am so thrilled and making the most off all the positive steps! The meds are finally out and I can finally see things getting better and better! Thanks so much for everything, what you’ve taught me to get to where we are now! I have pointed lots of people in your direction! What you do is amazing!

Holli Heyes

Leanne Baby Reflux Lady Review

"A true professional, honouring her word and always being there for not only food advice, but for helping me with my mental health in my times of need too." 

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The results are astonishing

"We've had issues with our son since birth, he's now almost 5 months. GI dr said he'd grow out of it. But thanks to @babyrefluxlady and all her research, our son's symptoms indicated chiropractic needs. We took him to a pediatric chiropractor yesterday and the results are astonishing! We're FINALLY getting him the help he needs. So thankful!"  

Sarah Smith

I now have a different baby

"Absolutely lovely lady with lots of knowledge that gave me the confidence boost I needed with my daughter who suffers from reflux. Working with Áine was easy and nothing was too much trouble! I’m so glad I got in contact with you, my daughter is now a different baby and I cannot thank you enough!"

Megan Pearle 

Megan Pearle Baby Reflux Lady Review

Just one week after reading your book, I have an answer

"I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU! I finished reading your book and went about following all the steps you talk about to find the reason for reflux. Prescription formulas, Gaviscon, Omeprazole and trips to A&E and not one person mentioned tongue tie! If it wasn’t for your book I would still be non the wiser and my poor little babe would still be tongue tied. Only ONE WEEK after reading your book and I finally have a answer. I literally can’t thank you enough! I'm one very relieved, grateful mummy." 

Samantha Smith

"I now truly believe about treating the cause, not the symptoms, it's working for us. And to my friend handed me the book and Aine Homer for writing it, I can't thank you enough." 

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Kathii Hodge Baby Reflux Lady Review
Aurora Van Der Muffinette Baby Reflux Lady Review

Incredible value for money

"I attended Áine's online workshop and it was super useful, really helped me putting the book into practice for our little guy and is of INCREDIBLE value for money. I highly recommend Áine's approach and services, all reflux parents need to talk with her!" Aurora Van Der Muffinette

Within 24hrs I had a different baby

"I discovered Aine's book at a point of complete desperation with my 8 week old son. He was having daily episodes of intense, pained screaming immediately after some feeds and yet not after others. My instincts told me not to medicate and that it was something I was eating, that he was reacting to (via my breastmilk). I tried to search for information, but found nothing that seemed to make sense, until I discovered Aine's book and website… within 24hrs I had a different baby!" Lydia Porter

Lydia Porter Baby Reflux Lady Review

Everyone who has a baby with reflux needs this book

"The Reflux Lady's Survival Guide is so far the best reflux book I have ever seen! It has charts and diagrams. ANY question you could possibly have, this book seems to cover it. It even has a chart of all the different milk and what they do and contain. EVERYONE who has a baby with reflux, tongue tie, colic, allergies, intolerances etc NEEDS THIS BOOK. Bloody well done Áine Homer.Naysha Gane

Emily Curtis Baby Reflux Lady Review

Life has completely changed

"Life has completely changed for us since signing-up to the 'Reflux Free Baby' Workshop. We now have a beautifully happy baby who settles easily, falls to sleep and rarely cries. Prior to this I had to carry him everywhere as he would not settle on his back at all, the pram is now his favourite place. I cannot believe the difference in him, it’s amazing!" Emily Curtis

I will never go a day without being grateful for your help

"Áine, The Baby Reflux Lady, in our house she is now known as a real-life angel. I cannot recommend this lady enough. I left the workshop feeling so hopeful, feeling like I knew there were answers, I could help my son and to get my family life back together and to start enjoying my son again.

I just want other mothers to know that there is support out there, other than medications. In my sons case, I knew medication was not going to fix his problem. I will never go a day without being grateful for your help and support."

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Sophie Louise Baby Reflux Lady Review
Chelle Ben Lyla Baby Reflux Lady Review

Happier, healthier, medicine free

"We now have a happier, healthier and medicine free baby, who we are on the brink of being able to say is reflux free. I can now enjoy being a mummy to my beautiful girl and I now completely trust my instincts. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts Áine. You literally saved us." 

Chelle & Lyla 

Katy Winskell Baby Reflux Lady Review

"I’m following The Baby Reflux Lady's course for introducing solids and it’s packed full of useful information. I would recommend getting in touch with Áine without hesitation." Katy Winskell

"Áine‘s book is incredible! So comprehensive, so helpful. We've been having a bit of a nightmare since introducing food but her section on this has now shed some much needed light on a very complicated issue. I've done a lot of reading on this subject and this is by far the best and most complete book on reflux that I have come across. Highly recommend this to all parents of reflux babies!Ruby Deevoy

"I would recommend and urge anyone looking for real answers on their babies reflux to sign up to Áine's teachings. She just makes sense!" 

Katrina McColl

Katrina McColl Baby Reflux Lady Review

Hope for the first tine since reflux began

"I had a 1:1 video call last night with Áine which was very aptly named ‘turn the lights on’. That’s exactly how I felt, Áine joined up all of the dots which the doctors have not been able to do. I came away from the call feeling hope for the first time since the reflux issues began. Áine knowledge is outstanding and this is transferred in such an effortless way. We’re just starting our journey to being reflux free but I honestly can’t recommend Áine highly enough, thank you!

Elaine Williams

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