Online Workshop: Figure Out What Your Baby is Trying To Tell You & Cure Their Reflux Naturally

You know reflux is not normal, so I encourage you to keep trusting yourself. You're not wrong, you are so very, very right.

There is something hurting your baby. Once you understand what is causing their discomfort, you can take specific action to ease their pain and help them.

Let me teach you how to read their behaviours and symptoms so that you know what is going on for them, and what to do to help them.

Are you ready to hope again?

In this online course Aine (a.k.a. The Baby Reflux Lady) walks you through:

Capturing Your Baby's Symptoms

Reading Your Baby's Symptoms

Figuring Out The Cause of Their Reflux

What Specific Action To Take Based on Their Symptoms

I know, my words at the top of this page probably contradicts everything you've been told by the health professionals about your baby's reflux so far.

Have you heard any of the following myths?

  • Reflux is normal
  • Your baby is colicky
  • They will grow out of it
  • You're over anxious and you need to calm down (implying your the cause of your baby's reflux)
  • Breastfed babies don't need winding
  • Formula fed babies aren't affected by tongue tie

Yet all the while, is your baby struggling to sleep? Do they cry in pain? Is it breaking your heart every minute of every day to watch them struggle, feeling helpless to take their pain away?

This was me.

An exhausted, first-time (and then second) mom whom the doctors thought was over protective and paranoid about my baby's crying.

Until I discovered that reflux isn't a "disease" as defined by western medicine, it's actually a symptom.

Now reflux is a symptom of multiple things including tongue tie, latch difficulties, gut immaturity, microbiome imbalances, allergies, food intolerances, genetics disorders, intestinal blockage, pyloric stenosis, hernia, ulcer and more. 

The secret in understanding how to take swift and accurate action that will truly help your baby lies in understanding what pattern is being presented by all of your baby's symptoms. This points directly to the causes of each baby's reflux.

This knowledge prompted me to become the Baby Reflux Lady, and today I want you to use my knowledge to help your baby.

In the Cause & Cure of Reflux Workshop you will get

  • The most common causes of reflux explained
  • How to read your baby's symtpoms and behaviours to figure out what is causing their reflux 
  • What action you can take after this that could completely resolve their reflux and free them from pain.
  • Knowing if it could be tongue tie or not? And if not, what could it be?
  • Bonus classes designed to get you managing reflux and coping better
  • Invitation to join a private facebook community of parents also focussed on resolving reflux at the root cause

I'm not a doctor & I don't want to be.

Nor do I pretend to be one. In fact, if I were a doctor, it's unlikely I could do what I do because it does not follow the guidelines. In medicine, the guidelines are king and a doctor who doesn't follow them risks being struck off. So I have more chance of helping you from outside the system than inside it. The guidelines that say the only approach to baby reflux is one drug after another after another as outlined in the video below.


Are you ready to bypass 12 weeks of trial and error that don't address the cause of reflux?

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You can start to understand exactly what is going on for your baby right now, and learn what is the right action to take for just £39.99.

This Approach To Reflux Is Different

Unlike the medics, I will not turn you away. I will not patronise you by asking if you're a first-time-mum. I won't reassure you that "reflux is normal and your baby will grow out if it". I am not going to say that you need to toughen up because "all babies cry".

Reflux has a cause (and it is not because of weak lower oesophageal valve).

And because there are more than one potential causes of reflux in babies, it is vital that we find the right one for each child.

In some babies, the causes may be multiple and so we may need to tackle the reflux on multiple levels.

When we do this, however, we can completely resolve our baby's suffering. 

This is truly life changing.

It seems like a simple solution, yet our doctors and paediatricians are not asking this question, let alone answering it.

There are a number of causes of reflux in our infants, which is why there can never be a "one-size-fits-all" answer.

We need to address each specific cause for each child and then we will see results that last.

I've spent the majority of my time over the last 6 years reading and researching everything I could find on infant reflux. I’ve combined this with my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mechanical Engineering and Nutrition for Food Intolerances and Allergies to come up with my own unique and effective approach to resolve discomfort.

An approach that identifies the cause first and foremost.

With your help and your observations of your baby, I identify the cause, and then inform you what to do about it based on what is going on for your baby.

I point you in the right direction based on your baby's specific experiences.

Let's see if we can find the cause together, so that you can take the specific action that is going to resolve your baby's reflux and allow you the most amazing family experience. 

The family life you dream of can be yours.

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What Others Say

It might feel strange to suddenly come across information that contradicts everything you've been told about reflux so far, yet that's what I'm telling you. So here's the experience of a few people who have been through this workshop.

Cara Lewis

After many frustrating sessions with the doctors & being told it’s colic and knowing it’s not, I was introduced to Aine, her book & work shop helped me so much.
Everything she said made sense and after weeks of feeling helpless that I couldn’t ease my 8 weeks old pain I now feel empowered to take action & help my 8 week old girl get rid of her reflux. If you’re at a loss & want clarity & advice then I can’t recommend Aine enough!

Sally Norman

Aine has a fantastic wealth of knowledge, I would 100% recommend the workshop for anyone who feels they are stuck at what to do next and want to get to the real root cause of their babies reflux. We have followed Aine's advice and implemented a few changes and oh my gosh! the difference is unbelievable. We now have a little boy who will sleep on his back without screaming, it's so nice to finally see him rested and not uncomfortable. He's so much happier. Thank you so much Aine, I really recommend this! Xx

Aurora Van Der Muffinette

Some help at last! Aine's approach to understanding reflux as a symptom makes so much sense and is so refreshing after countless useless conversations with healthcare professionals who are mostly clueless about reflux and don't have the time to help your baby. I attended one of Aine's online workshop and it was super useful, really helped me putting the book into practice for our little guy and is of INCREDIBLE value for money. I highly recommend Aine's approach and services, all reflux parents need to talk with her!

What To Expect

When you purchase this online workshop to help you find the cause of your baby's reflux.

Capture the Symptoms

Our babies are telling us everything we need to know through their symptoms and behaviours.

The first job we have, is to observe all that is going on for them. Many parents overlook some aspects of baby behaviour, putting it down to a cold, or nappy rash or "it's just a baby thing".

However, everything is linked, and when we observe and record what seem like the smallest things, we start to see patterns emerge from the fog.

I provide you with a comprehensive list for you to use to capture your baby's symtpoms and behaviours.

Read the Symptoms

In this video workshop in which I explain all of your baby's symptoms and what causes them.

You start to understand what is going on for your baby by understanding the detail of what you are observing.

Your baby's symptoms are a the key to whats going on, and  I'm going to give you the key to the reflux symptom map: what they mean and why they happen.

Once you have all the symptoms captured, I walk you through how to read them, and how to piece them together into a coherent story that allows you to see what is the most likely cause of your baby's discomfort.

Determine the Cause

Your baby's symptoms are a the key to whats going on, and  I'm going to give you the key to the reflux symptom map: what they mean and why they happen.

Once you have all the symptoms captured, I explain how to read them, and how to piece them together into a coherent story that allows you to see what is the most likely cause of your baby's discomfort.


Based on the symptoms and patterns identified for your baby, I give you the specific direction to go in.

What action to take to help your baby.

Because reflux is not just caused by one thing, different courses of action will produce different results in different babies. This is why there is no "one-size-fits-all" answer for baby reflux.


These webinars are additional information to help you manage your baby's reflux and pain, and include information you will not find anywhere else.

Coping Strategies

When you browse the internet you find many suggestions about what to try.

In this webinar I explain why certain strategies work for some babies and not for others, so that you can understand what is likely to work for your baby.

Reducing Air Intake

Aerophagia (swallowed air) is a major contributing factor to reflux. This webinar focusses on strategies to minimise air intake for your baby so that their reflux is less than it otherwise would be. Includes information on dummy use and bottle choice.

Winding with Mary Ashton

We are never taught how to wind our babies. Yet it is not as straight forward as you may think. In this workshop Mary Ashton, the Online Maternity Nurse gives us her tips for winding, and she's been winding babies professionally for over 20 years.

Sleep for Parents

While most things around reflux focus on baby, this webinar is all about you. If you cannot improve the quantity of your sleep at the moment, you should focus on the quality. I share a number of easy-to-implement strategies to improve your sleep to improve your life.

Who is This Workshop For?

Breastfed Babies

It is a myth that breastfed babies are less likely to experience reflux than formula fed babies. Let me support you to getting a better parenting experience.

Bottle-fed Babies

Reflux happens equally for all babies, and the underlying causes are the same, sometimes the specific actions may be different, but the approach to getting an answer is the same.

Unresolved Reflux

Babies who's reflux remains unresolved since birth.

Babies being treated with, or without medications.

Who is the Baby Reflux Lady?

Hi! I'm Aine, the voice of unsettled babies and advocate for parents.
I'm a baby-reflux-symptom-reading-ninja! 🥋

Over the last two years I've helped hundreds of families completely resolve their baby's reflux just by answering one question:

What is Causing Baby's Discomfort?

It's my superpower... translating your baby's symptoms, behaviours and reactions into actions you can take to resolve their reflux.

It might seem like a simple, no-brainer question to ask, yet few others seem to be asking it, let alone answering it.

This is where my approach is different.

I come from a background of functional medicine. That is, looking past the surface and addressing things from the root cause. We need to understanding how we have arrived at the current situation and then rewind to find and then try and completely resolve the issues. 

Free Your Baby From Pain

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