Understanding the cause of your baby's discomfort and pain is the difference between living the family life you once dreamt of with a happy baby versus observing your life pass you by while you watch your friends live YOUR parenting dream.

You're ready for your baby to sleep a bit better. You're ready for better answers from the doctors. You've had enough sleep deprivation. You're baby has suffered enough.

You're an awesome mum yet you feel beaten by reflux. You're the world's leading expert in your baby yet the professionals tell you you're paranoid and over protective. Perhaps you "care too much".

Yet you know that no child ever suffered ill from too much love.

You've had enough.

The voice that whispers in your ear every night saying "surely this isn't normal" is right.

This isn't normal. 

All you want is for your baby to be free from pain and suffering.

And you want to be able to sleep.

You want to find your relationship with your partner again. 

You want the chance to start learning what a family feels like because at the moment it's just you and baby.

You want to be the mum you are.

You have never been more ready to wave good-bye to sleepless nights. You knew life was going to change with the arrival of your little one, no-one ever mentioned reflux, colic or CMPA.

You're fed up of being pushed away and told that "reflux is normal" - how could this insane discomfort your baby has every day possible be normal? How can constant vomiting be normal

You know if you walked into your doctor and described your baby's symptoms as your own, there is no way that you would accept an answer that says:

"Don't worry, you'll grow out of it in twelve months."

"It's normal"

"You're just a bit colickly"

"You're putting on weight so you have nothing to worry about."

Let's stop f'ing about.

Let's get you the answers you've been looking for.

let's free your baby from reflux


My name is Aine Homer. I am a mother of two, wife, author, speaker and teacher. 

I am an advocate for parents and caregivers, the voice of unsettled babies.

My true gifts lie in translating your baby's symptoms and behaviours into understanding and action. This shows us where to take action and how to free them from reflux and colic, and manage any allergies and intolerances.

You are the expert in your baby. You are the creator of your family dreams.

you know they are a happy little person. Let's help them shine.

I'll help you discover what is going on for your baby, why they are suffering, and what specific actions you can take to help them.

I'll walk you through reflux, I'll hold your hand and support you. I'll give you the space to start dreaming again.

My transformation into The Baby Reflux Lady has been a long and painful road which saw me dive deeply into post natal depression. Between my two girls we have direct experience of colic, reflux, silent reflux, cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA), and multiple other food intolerances and allergies.

I was truly released from my post natal depression the day I vowed to do everything in my power to prevent other families experiencing the years of pain and suffering my family had.

Over the last two years I have worked with hundreds of families, understanding the underlying causes of each individual baby's reflux, providing insights and explanations to parents they haven't been given before and allowing them to take charge of their baby's suffering, and free them from it.

My mission is to eradicate baby reflux across the world and to allow all parents to experience the joy that should come with parenthood. I will restore your trust in you.

How will I make this happen? It starts with answering... 


How To Read Your Baby's Symptoms & What To Do To Help Them

I'm passionate about responsible parenting.

When I asked my doctors about the medications they were prescribing my baby they couldn't / wouldn't answer my questions. I felt like I couldn't make an informed decision for my baby.

I want you to be able to make informed decisions for your baby, so I've put together the 12 Questions You Need to Ask About Reflux Medications.

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