Why should we put up with seeing our babies struggle with reflux?

Hi, I’m Aine, the Baby Reflux Lady. 

 I’ve been where you are. Tired, sad, defeated... Nobody can seem to bring your child relief from their reflux and it’s impacting everything. Sleep. Relationships. Self-esteem. Parenthood was supposed to be enjoyable... and you’re barely holding on... 

 I know people around you don’t get it, but I will. It really is that difficult when your baby suffers from reflux and they’re constantly uncomfortable.  

It really is that unbearable to watch them screaming for hour after hour, helpless and exhausted. And there really is a problem which can be solved.  

It’s not in your head! You’re right: why should we put up with seeing our babies struggle?  

I knew there had to be another way. A way which didn’t require the stepped medical approach of trying more and more medication... 

After years of researching, learning, consulting professional after professional, I finally found my children relief from their reflux and knew it was something that needed to be made more available to parents, globally. 

There are too many myths surrounding baby reflux. Too much confusion and not enough answers.  

With medication only working for a shocking 20% of infants suffering with reflux symptoms. Most mainstream doctors simply don’t have the training in what really causes reflux and how to relieve it.  

Parents like you need the solution to baby reflux, and I’m dedicated to making sure you get it. 

I’m here to help give you the clarity and understanding of why your child is suffering - so you can tailor a solution that will provide the relief they deserve, for good. 



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