Aine Homer, The Baby Reflux Lady

Hi, I'm Áine Homer

Founder of The Baby Reflux Lady 

and this is my reflux story.

I created the Baby Reflux Lady because I wanted to change lives with the information I learn during 3 years of a relationship with postnatal depression.

My journey consisted of asking countless doctors, health visitors and midwives to help my babies and me, and repeatedly being told my daughters were:

- "absolutely normal, some babies just cry more than others"

- "just colicky"

- "reacting to me being overly anxious"

- "being spoilt by being carried so much"

- "perfect, she's gaining weight so she's fine"

Aine Homer the baby Reflux Lady smiling

As the parent of a baby with silent reflux & CMPA

I wasn't able to accept these answers because it felt like that would have made me a bigger failure as a parent than I already beieved I was.

My first little girl was over 5 months old before I discovered that silent reflux was a "thing". It took another 2 months to discover what CMPA was and that is was likely that she had it. 

This was the point of no return. My baby girl was 8 months old and was likely allergic to milk and I was stuffing my face with cheese and milk every day and no-one had managed to see the link???

I couldn't believe it. 

I quit eating dairy and saw immediate improvements. Surely this was why she used to get even worse with formula.

And still, no answers or explanations from anyone. However, the dairy elimination not give 100% us consistent results. It was time to take matters into my own hands.

Figuring out colic and reflux

Before being a mum, I was a mechanical engineer, project manager, management consultant and also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and nutrition.

These careers taught me one thing: that there is always an underlying cause no matter what the problem. We just have to keep looking.

After 9 months of asking doctor after doctor "what's causing my baby to be in such pain?" and getting the answers such as: 

  • "she's not in pain, she's just a fussy baby"
  • "she's fine, this is normal"
  • "maybe you need to get her to sleep better, she's probably overtired"

I was fed up. I was clearly asking people who were incapable of answering this question.

This lack of understanding, support and answers was driving me crazy, and I was already a bit bat-sh!t-crazy with the extreme sleep deprivation that I suffered, that I decided to take matters into my own hands. No-one else was looking out for us, so I had to.

I started to do what I did best. 

Aine Homer researching and studying the cause of reflux and colic
Aine Homer The baby reflux lady

Find the cause and cure for reflux & cmpa

through collecting and analysing data.

In my career as a management consultant, I was famed for my ability to find undetectable patterns within thousands of thouands of lines of data. I was a self-confessed "data monkey" 🐒, seriously, there was even a Friday "working lunch" when my colleagues brought me peanuts 🥜 back from the pub and apologised for not bringing a banana 🍌 too!

All my careers taught me one thing:

That there is always an underlying cause no matter what the problem, even infant reflux. We just have to keep looking.

My belief that there had to be a reason that my baby was crying all the time, there had to be a reason that she couldn't sleep properly; there had to be a reason that she appeared to be in constant pain.

All this AND, I was refusing to accept that any of this was normal.

Reflux Symptoms as Clues

I thought about her symptoms, her behaviour, and I asked myself "how would I feel if I had what she had?"

Would I be happy with the answers that "reflux is normal" and "it will be fine in 12 months" if I: 

  • couldn't lie down flat on my back?
  • threw up my lunch an hour afterwards if I lay down on my tummy?
  • was so bloated in the evenings that my tummy physical hurt?

I wasn't happy to accept what I had received and let my babies live in pain.

I now ask all my clients to ask themselves these sort of questions -

If you adopted your baby's reflux symptoms as your own, would you be happy with the explanations, answers and advice you've been given so far?

As the mum of a baby with silent reflux, colic and allergies

I’ve been where you are! Twice in fact

Tired, sad, defeated... Nobody could seem to bring my babies relief from their reflux and it wass impacting everything. Sleep. Relationships. Self-esteem. Parenthood was supposed to be enjoyable... and I was barely holding on...

I know people around you don’t get reflux, the struggles, the reality of it, I do

It really is difficult when your baby suffers from reflux and they’re constantly uncomfortable.  

It really is unbearable to watch them screaming for hour after hour, helpless and exhausted.

And there really is an answer to reflux, silent reflux and colic... all of which can be resolved.  

It might seem like a big promise,

and it's true.
Aine Homer the Baby Reflux Lady combats the stepped approach for infant reflux and believes medications are not the only way

And so, here I am today.

Having pulled together a raft of knowledge and experience, and having successfully transformed the lives of thousands of babies and families around the world to understand infant reflux from a holistic point of view. I have also developed and delivered the world's first accredited Infant Reflux trainings for professionals - bringing more awareness to infant reflux and how to resolve it, globally.

I never prescribe or change medications. I can, and do, talk about medications and how they work, however, any changes to your baby's medications must always be done with the doctor/physician who prescribed them.

My academic background

For those of you who want to know my qualifications and academics, here they are:

  • June 2003: Distinction in Maters in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 
  • June 2003: Honour in Degree in Mathematics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • June 2008 Distinction: Masters in Business Administration, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • June 2012 Distinction in my Licentiate in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The School of Traditional Chinese Medicine Ireland
  • 2019 Diploma in Nutrition for Food Allergies and Intolerances, BSY, London, UK
  • November 2020, Certified Quantum Flow Practitioner, Quantum Flow Academy & Juan Pablo Barahona (online courses) Costa Rica

I can help you because I've also helped...

6,000+ Readers

Helping thousands of parents around the world understand their reflux baby and help address allergies, cause and symptoms.

2,800+ Online Courses

Thousands of families through the online courses to understand reflux faster, and taking action to relieve their baby's symptoms.

300+ 1:1 Private Clients

Growing numbers of private clients working deeply to understand exactly what is going on and getting immediate support on changing their lives.

100+ Professionals

Teaching those who work with babies or those who are called to change the world, the tools, knowledge and resources they need to do just this.

What I believe to be true about baby reflux...

The doctors are not taught about the root cause of reflux, it is not their fault, is the medical edcuational system that is broken.

However, that does not mean that you cannot find help for your baby, you can, you're here.

Parents like you need the solution to baby reflux, and I’m dedicated to making sure you get it.

I’m here to help give you the clarity and understanding behind why your child is suffering - so you can tailor a solution that will provide the relief they deserve, for good!

Babies need answers NOW

And I'm not willing to wait for the medical system to catch up to provide answers. It is my goal that my knowledge is available everywhere, however that will take time.

So I have created this website and a book to provide this information directly to the parents who are fed up waiting for reflux answers, right now

However, that does not mean that you cannot find help for your baby, you can, you're here.

Parents like you need the solution to baby reflux, and I’m dedicated to making sure you get it.

I’m here to help give you the clarity and understanding behind why your child is suffering - so you can tailor a solution that will provide the relief they deserve, for good!

There are too many myths surrounding baby reflux

and these myths are helping no-one and only causing more confusion about infant reflux, silent reflux, colic, CMPA and allergies.

I provide evidence based information to parents and professionals so that you have the knowledge of what is going on and are then empowered to make better decisions for your baby. Not leave it up to the guessing game of others.

So if you are ready to get the answers for your baby, Start with your free symptoms tracker.

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No matter what age your baby is or how long they have been struggling with reflux, silent reflux, colic or CMPA, the full understanding of their struggles and the fastest answers start with a full understanding of where they are right now. This tracker will give you all the things you need to start connecting the dots to see what is related to their reflux.

You’re not alone! 

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