It’s time to stop the confusion around baby reflux and put an end to it, for good.

Your journey to a reflux free baby starts now. No more second guessing yourself, no more waiting on other opinions... just a clear understanding of why your child is suffering and what you can do about it!

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The longer your child has been suffering with reflux, the more challenging it can be to get to the bottom of it. Make your journey to a reflux-free life as quick, easy and positive as possible with expert 1-to-1 support tailored to your baby. 


In these private online sessions, we will: 

  • Talk through your painful baby reflux experiences, so you can finally be heard 
  • Take a full history of your baby’s life this far and look for any immediate clues 
  • Take a close look at your child’s exact symptoms and uncover the underlying issue they’re pointing to 
  • Come up with exact action steps to take and bring your baby the relief they need! 

Rates start from £240.00  (incl VAT)

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Jida Choura client testimonial review of the baby reflux lady

Jida Choura

I started working with Aine when Bassel was about 9 months old and she has been a dream, she saved me from myself. I was so close to depression.

My son was nagging and fussy all day I didn’t know what was wrong. 

A few days in with Aine and I had a different baby.

Learn on Your Own

Get a deeper understanding of baby reflux, at your own pace, with The Baby Reflux Lady’s Survival Guide and our selection of e-courses developed for parents ready to conquer baby reflux.

The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide

Paperback & eBook

The only book you need to understand reflux and how to manage it.

Learn to read your baby’s symptoms, discover the medical management of reflux and what alternative approaches are available.

Plus, learn how formula milk, breastfeeding and weaning can impact baby reflux, so you can bring your child relief. 

from £8.63


Reflux Free Baby Workshop

Quickest Answers


This online workshop is for parents whose baby’s reflux is out of control, with no end in sight.

Learn about which underlying causes could be causing your child’s pain and what action you can take.

This is supported by a full suite of support information to help you on your reflux journey.

£60 GBP


Reflux Free Baby Weaning Course


Did you know weaning on to solids makes symptoms worse for 54% of babies with reflux?

This is the only weaning course to take natural immaturity of your baby’s digestive system into account so you can reduce reflux discomfort as they wean - and remove the stress for you too! 

Let the biggest stress in your life be the cleaning of food from your baby's joy-filled face.

£72 GBP


Reflux Free Baby Food


If weaning onto solids HAS already made your child’s reflux worse (particularly sleep!) this course will walk you through how to make the changes you need to support their naturally immature digestive system, step-by-step,  and resolve reflux in the process.


Breastfeeding a Baby with Reflux And Allergies


You've tried all the diets, eliminated the top 10 allergens, maybe seen some improvement and yet nothing consistently helps your baby.

Then this masterclass is for you.

Learn why the "allergen elimination" approach fails most families and what you should be doing instead, and how.


My son and I were in a desperate situation. I was so upset that something was causing him so much pain. Thanks to your elimination diet and food diary, I worked out the triggers. I couldn’t believe that finally I had a happy baby that was feeding without pain, and I could finally breastfeed the way I imagined, and I absolutely loved it. - Holly Ellis

My 8 week old son was having daily episodes of intense, pained screaming immediately after some feeds and yet not after others. I began to follow the elimination diet, also adding foods that I react to (as Aine's suggests), and within 24hrs I had a different baby! - Lydia Porter

I 100% recommend the workshop for anyone who feels they are stuck. We have followed Aine's advice and implemented a few changes and oh my gosh! the difference is unbelievable. We now have a little boy who will sleep on his back without screaming, it's so nice to finally see him rested and not uncomfortable. He's so much happier. Thank you so much Aine, I really recommend this! Xx - Sally Norman

After seeing multiple doctors and specialists and trying to figure out my sons reflux issues I got in touch with Aine. She was the only person that managed to help us get our son off of a high dose of medication which was a dream come true. I wish that I’d had found her sooner than I did-she was a life saver!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone battling reflux issues as she is so knowledgeable in her field. - Rhian Clarke

Having a baby with reflux left me full of dread as I approached weaning age. I signed up for the weaning course and instantly felt relief and empowered to make the best decisions for my baby that would not result in a downwards reflux spiral! My baby is loving every mealtime and it has become the fun and exciting part of parenting that I always wanted it to be! - Julie Ann Murray

Our weaning journey is going really well and Jacob is reflux freeeee 🙌🏻🙌🏻. I can’t thank Aine enough for taking the time to get to know my babies reflux, for having my back when I felt others didn’t and for helping me understand what was going on for my baby. - Kat McColl

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