Case Study: Kathii Hodge

The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide was written to be just that - a survival guide which will get you through the hell that is reflux and see you free out the other side! Here's what one reader had to say:

"My son H is 12 weeks old, he has been unsettled with reflux all this time and it has been the hardest journey I ever been on, it's tested my relationship with my husband and robbed us of enjoying the "newborn days".

I knew something wasn't right with Harrison when he just didn't sleep and kept being sick, I took him to the Dr and I was told he had reflux.

I only knew about reflux because I had searched H's symptoms. Gaviscon was prescribed. He didn't really seem any different but thought it was early days. I was giving infacol too but was told by a friend not to use both together so I used gripe water instead. This didn't help so I asked my health visitor if I could use and was advised it was fine. But His reflux was so bad, I wasn't convinced, so I took him off infacol.

After vaccinations a couple of days later H was crying so much he wouldn't feed or sleep and we ended up in hospital. The Dr said "it's just his reflux, he needs some sleep"

But I wasn't happy and H didn't seem any better so I took him back to the Dr and this one said "the problem is that you care too much as parents, he'll grow out of it, just leave him in another room to cry". I wasn't happy about this and begged her that something be done, she reluctantly gave us Ranitidine (R)

So R was awful, There was diarrhoea at every nappy change. So I stopped giving it com returned to the Dr. This one asked me "what do you want us to do?" So I asked her to refer us to Bupa. She consulted with another Dr and said "what we think is there's nothing wrong with H, it's in your head so we are gong to refer you to a psychologist". I walked out in tears.

No one would help me and I started to think my little boy would be better cared for by someone who knew what they were doing and was stronger than me.

Then a friend of mine handed me the Reflux Baby Lady's Survival Guide...and I read it.

Amazing. A positive approach from someone who has lived this nightmare.

So I got H's tongue the snipped, took him for cranial osteopathy, saw a paediatrician, had a session with a breast feeding advisor, stopped eating nuts (a packet of chocolate almonds a day), started taking probiotics and really worked hard on helping my little one to sleep. All in the last week. 

And it's been really hard. I've cried in a room away from H when his dad comes home every day thinking I'm not strong enough but we are coming out the other side now.

He's sick hardly at all. He sleeps during the day, he is discovering the world with his new-found freedom of his mouth and he is a lot calmer. We are now on a better journey to solving the reflux.

I now truly believe about treating the cause, not the symptoms, it's working for us.

And to my friend handed me the book and Áine Homer for writing it, I can't thank you enough."

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