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The Signs Your Baby's Cries are Due to Reflux

The cries of a baby are tough enough to decipher at the best of times, and there are a lot of people now learning what babies are telling us, however, you don’t need to be a qualified expert in baby cries to be able to know what is going on.

The truth is, we all spoke baby once, we just...

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How is baby reflux 'officially' diagnosed?

The formal diagnoses that your baby may receive for reflux include:

  • gastro oesophageal reflux (GOR / GER) for reflux
  • gastro oesophageal reflux disease (GORD / GERD) for reflux
  • laryngo pharyngeal reflux (LPR) for silent reflux
  • extra oesophageal reflux (EOR) for silent reflux
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The Signs Your Baby is in Discomfort when Weaning

Weaning has long been suggested as ‘the’ magic cure of reflux for many babies. You’ve probably heard it from at least one well-meaning family member or less-than-informed health visitor...

The truth is, if weaning your baby is not approached with the immaturity of their...

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Why you won't find me doing a "10 tips for baby reflux" blog

I like to think I'm a reliable, knowledgeable resource when it comes to all things baby reflux and colic. I've dedicated a huge portion of the last 8 years studying this stuff!!

What people might not realise, is that providing practical, actionable tips for free over social media (or on a blog)...

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5 Signs Your Baby has a Food Allergy or Intolerance

Cow's Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) appears to be on the increase, but it's not the only allergy affecting our children. 

Our culture, our modern society and our modern medicine have stopped us paying attention to what is in front of us - the most obvious of signs and symptoms of food...

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My baby was 16 hours old when I knew I was a failure

Sunflower was 16 hours old when a midwife asked me (told me) to go to the common room at the other end of the ward because my baby’s constant crying was disturbing the other ladies on the ward. Apparently "they had all given birth that day and were tired, they needed their rest."


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Reflux Symptoms: How Do I Know If My Baby Has Reflux?

When we google symptoms for reflux there are so many lists that appear.

The trouble with these lists is that they do not make the differentiation that reflux itself, is a symptom.

When we look for the cause of the reflux, that we can address this specifically, and resolve baby's pain....

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The one thing for reflux that no-one has ever told you, that can possibly change your baby's life

Why are the instructions for preparing infant formula milks to “shake”?

Well, it's to make sure that the milk powder is fully mixed into the milk.

However, what if I was to tell you that this could be making a massive and negative impact on your baby's reflux? Making it...

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Case Study: Sophie Louise

Imagine being able to turn even the most traumatic reflux experience around and start enjoying family life with your little one... The 'Reflux Free Baby' Workshop was created turn this dream into a reality! Read how one parent did just that:

"How do I start this...?

Well I have had a really...

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Case Study: Leanne Tojagic

The Baby Reflux Lady was founded by a mum who gets how awful parenting through reflux really is. Which means you can expect compassion whether you sign-up for 1-1 reflux support or the 'Reflux Free Baby' Workshop and other course. Here's what Leanne had to say:

"Áine and I started to work...

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