Case Study: Holly Ellis

When you're looking for answers to your baby's reflux, it can be hard to imagine how  you'll ever get from where you are to the point where you're living a reflux free life... Holly Ellis shares her experience after purchasing The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide:

"Your book absolutely saved us. At the time, my son and I were in a desperate situation. Every time I fed him we were both in tears. He was screaming and kept pulling off, and I was so upset that something was causing him so much pain.

After researching online for some answers, I came across your book and all its amazing reviews and bought it instantly.

Aine Homer | The Baby Reflux LadyI couldn’t believe that he was showing so many symptoms that you list in your book, and that they were all related! Finally – it was starting to make sense. I felt like I could have written that symptom list myself.

Thanks to your elimination diet and food diary, I worked out the triggers. I couldn’t believe that finally I had a happy baby that was feeding without pain, and I could finally breastfeed the way I imagined, and I absolutely loved it.

I recommended your book for a couple of women in my breastfeeding group too.
Thank you once again, because after numerous visits from breastfeeding consultants and doctors appointments and health visitor discussion, it was your book that gave me hope and resulted in a very happy mother and baby team."

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