Case Study: Sophie Louise

Imagine being able to turn even the most traumatic reflux experience around and start enjoying family life with your little one... The 'Reflux Free Baby' Workshop was created turn this dream into a reality! Read how one parent did just that:

"How do I start this...?

Well I have had a really rough 6 month with my son to the point where it began to affect my whole family unit, my confidence as a mother, anxiety and pure fear was just rattling me to the core, it also came to the point where my other child was becoming so anxious and worried about her little brother - it was heart-breaking.

Reflux is exactly what Áine Homer states it is reflux is “A symptom of an underlying condition.”

So I will start from the beginning. My son was born in august 2018 he was brought into the world quite quickly. It took him a long time to feed after his birth which worried me (he is bottle fed). 

He began to feed but very slowly and not taking in anywhere near as much as he should have. He was also spitting up quite a lot; the midwife reassured me it was mucus from his birth and it would all calm down in the coming days; and to not worry, he would adapt a normal feeding routine. 

And like that I was sent home. The next couple of days were hard with a new born and a 3-year old, but we got through it. Only for my family support I would have crumbled. 

On day nine, my son had a violent vomiting experience - the noise of the vomiting alone would frighten any parent. It came from his nose and mouth, and these vomits didn’t stop.

The vomiting became so frequent it happened after most feeds.

I then had my two week check up with my doctor, who told me to either go back to the maternity hospital or to the children’s hospital. The maternity hospital I attended said they didn’t deal with these cases and I was best to go to the hospital where they could do the tests needed. 

I suspected my son might have had pyloric stenosis, or a possible tongue tie. I brought him to the children’s hospital and they did all the necessary checks and ruled out pyloric stenosis and a tongue tie, but told me my son had reflux.  They offered medication as the solution. I was relived - I had an answer and there was nothing seriously wrong. 

Two weeks to the date he started the medication, which, was very hard to get my son to take, he began to vomit again; to the point where he turned blue and we needed to call an ambulance. 

He was only 4 weeks old. His oxygen levels had dropped so they took him back to the children’s hospital and he was admitted for 4 nights and 5 days. 

He was diagnosed with stridor, and his medication dose was doubled.

His oxygen levels came back up and he was showing great signs of recovery.  I was reassured that this would all stop once he began to solids and he was sitting up. 

They told me things would become better for him by 6 months 

He was feeding, but because his centiles had dropped so much and his weight gain wasn’t coming up to where it was meant to be quick enough, he was put on a special milk via a tube. He was on this feed for 8 weeks. 

While it worked, giving him a much-needed boost in weight, I felt it was just filling him up too much and it was time to try to get him back on a more normal feeding regime. We were assigned a dietician from the children’s hospital who recommended he go back on his original milk. We did this, and also stopped the meds (my choice) as it just became impossible to get him to take them. 

He had a very bad reaction to this milk (his original one), where, he once, again ended up in A&E with the combination of vomiting and a viral infection. He was discharged a couple of hours later. I was told to “leave things well enough alone and go back on the medication” and the specialist milk. 

My gut instinct told me this problem was more than just reflux. There had to be something wrong, something causing all this suffering.

Only then was I told about anti-reflux milks. I started him on this around 4 months. He was like a new child, no vomiting, no fussing. He became a pleasure to have, but all good things come to end…

2 weeks after the anti-reflux milk, we started solids. He was really enjoying his food, it took him time to get used to but he was really enjoying it. 

Then the vomiting started again, except this time it was like a hose pipe. It didn’t stop. He didn’t want his bottles, his solids, nothing. He became so fussy it was like having a newborn all over again.

I knew he wasn’t unwell e.g. a viral infection or other illness, it was all the signs of the reflux starting again almost like a flare up. 

This is when I discovered Áine, The Baby Reflux Lady, in our house she is now known as a real-life angel

I got in contact with Áine through Instagram. She was so supportive and informative from the start, she recommended I do the online workshop.

I can honestly say that I left the workshop feeling so hopeful, feeling like I knew there were answers, I could help my son and to get my family life and unit back together and to start enjoying my son again. To allow him to be the happy healthy baby he wants to be, through all this he always gave us smiles so it did make it a bit easier.

We’re still on this journey but I can honestly say that Aine gave me this stepping stone, gave me the advice I needed and not only that, she listened to me and made me feel that things were going to be ok. 

I cannot recommend this lady enough. I can finally rest easy knowing my son is going to be ok. 

I just want other mothers to know that there is support out there other than medications. In my sons case, I knew medication was not going to fix his problem, that’s not to say it doesn’t work for other children. It did work for my son but not to the point where I felt he was fully happy and comfortable and everything was under control.

Once again thank you Áine, I will never go a day without being grateful for your help and support. And my son will know all about this some day, thank you from all my family."

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