Cure Baby Reflux by understanding the symptoms 

Resolving colic, reflux and silent reflux in infants starts with understanding and capturing their symptoms and behaviours

From newborn to toddler, babies are communicating all the time, and their symptoms, signs and behaviours are their language. They are the clues we can use to understand what is going on for them, to piece together what is causing their pain, discomfort, reflux, silent reflux or colic.

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Newborn, baby or toddler... breastfed, bottle-fed or formula fed... the starting point is always the same

Reflux is difficult as a parent, and it is one of those things where the devil is in the detail. It's a journey...

Let's say that we are going to meet in New York.

Now, I'm in London, so I'm going to west to get there.

What if I told you to go west because that's how I was getting there, but I didn't know where you were starting from? Where would you end up? 

If you were in Dublin that would work just fine, however, if you were in Costa Rica, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, or any other place not on  the same latitude line as New York, then you will never get there by going west. You will have a really long journey circumnavigating the globe, over and over again, wondering why my directions didn't work for you when they obviously worked for me.

Knowing your baby's starting point is just as important as knowing what your desired destination is.

So if New York is the equivalent of Reflux Free, then do you understand why it's so important to understand exactly where your baby is starting from?

And that is what this Symptoms Tracker does for you. It helps you pinpoint your starting point.

And from here, we get to map out the journey.

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With the Baby Reflux Symptoms Tracker, you will:

 Find reassurance
it’s not ‘all in your head’, your baby is struggling

 Pinpoint symptoms and behaviours
which aren’t ‘normal’ and shouldn’t have to be outgrown

 Discover the various different signs of baby reflux
and confirm whether your child is experiencing it

✓ Position yourself with the knowledge you need
to move forward and help your child find relief 


Hi! I'm Áine Homer, a.k.a. the Baby Reflux Lady

and I'm sorry to say I've been where you are. In short, my two girls had formal diagnoses between them of colic, reflux, silent reflux, CMPA and multiple food allergies, and no-one was ever able to offer any explanation beyond "It's normal, it will pass"

No-one seemed to want to listen to me when I explained my babies were in pain, and no-one every could tell me WHY they were struggling so.

I became the Baby Reflux Lady after YEARS of struggling, hating being a parent and thinking I had messed up my life.

And this symptoms tracker is THE starting point. I wish I had someone to explain this to me when I was in your shoes.

I didn't, but you do. 

Aine Homer, Infant Reflux & Colic Specialist - helping parents resolve their baby's reflux without medications

Watching a baby with colic or reflux suffer is heartbreaking...

Especially when we feel helpess to do anything for them

The good news is: your baby’s symptoms and behaviours are telling you all you need to know - if you learn how to understand them.

Download the Baby Reflux Symptom Tracker for FREE to start identifying your child’s symptoms and finally start piecing together what’s going on.  

Consider this my gift to you, so you don't have to struggle on for as long as I did!

Infant Reflux Specialist &
Founder of The Baby Reflux Lady

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