NEW! Webinar for professionals on the Mismanagement of Infant Reflux

Finally, help your baby find
the reflux relief they need!

And live the family life you've dreamed of...

Find out how >

Finally, help your baby find the reflux relief they need!

And live the family life you've dreamed of...

Find out how >

The Medical Mismanagement of Infant Reflux,
A webinar for Professionals

FREE WEBINAR: 12th APRIL 20201 8pm GMT

An examination of the evidence for and against the Stepped Approach for infants, how it is possibly causing more harm than good, and how you, as a professional, can support your clients better.


Broken... exhausted... doubting your parenting abilities or... (dare you admit it) doubting whether you should have had a baby in the first place...  

Despite what people are telling you... it truly doesn’t have to be this hard and it’s not your fault.   

Baby reflux is common, but it isn’t normal, and you don’t have to wait for them to outgrow it.  

The solution to baby reflux? Addressing the underlying cause to your child’s discomfort.

It’s time to take a holistic approach and uncover what's going on with your baby so you can set them free from pain.

And you've found the right place to do it!

Desperate to help your baby stop crying and wondering if they’ve got reflux?  

Download your free ‘Reflux Symptoms Tracker’ to get a better understanding of what your baby is struggling with, find out if it really is "normal" and move closer to finding the right solution for them!

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I’ve been where you are.

Tired, sad, defeated... Nobody can seem to bring your child relief from their reflux and it’s impacting everything. Sleep. Relationships. Self-esteem.

Parenthood was supposed to be enjoyable... and you’re barely holding on...  

I get it. And when I finally found the relief our family needed, I made it my MISSION to stop the confusion around baby reflux and provide parents the knowledge they need to conquer it for good! 

It doesn’t have to be this way and I can’t wait to show you how to turn things around.

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"Our weaning journey is going really well and Jacob is reflux freeeee! I can’t thank Áine enough for taking the time to get to know my babies reflux, for having my back when I felt others didn’t and for helping me understand what was going on for my baby."

Kat McColl

“I started working with Áine when Bassel was 9 months and she has been a dream, she saved me from myself. I think I was this close to depression. My son was nagging and fussy all day and I didn’t know what was wrong. A few days in with Áine and I had a different baby.”

Jida Choura