The bullshit you've been told, is keeping your baby suffering.... needlessly

Take the first step to your dream family life. If you feel like you have been pushed away, fobbed off and told that your baby's reflux is your fault, than this is the place for you.

Please, please, please read this page.

Then browse the blogs and this website.

If there’s only one thing you take away with you today, I want you to know that you can free your baby from reflux, free your life from it and get on with building the family life of your dreams.

Lets face it, parenting is challenging enough.

What you are going to read here is different to every other page you are going to read about reflux. Everyone, the NHS, the NCT, the Reflux charity pages, Great Ormond Street Hospital, will all tell you that "reflux is normal", that it is unfortunate and that most babies will grow out of it. And I'm going to tell you that they have completely mixed up their words.

Reflux is Common, it is not normal.

What I’m going to tell you here is that you don’t need to wait for them to grow out of it. You don’t need to silently cry with your baby every night. You don’t need to spend 30% of your time doing the laundry and the other 70% physically attached to your baby. You don’t need to be so exhausted your questioning your own sanity, you don’t need to be fighting with your other half over anything.

You, should be enjoying being a new mum (again, perhaps?), and your baby should be able to do the things that babies do - sleep, feed and observe the world, all in comfort and peace, when they want. The only crying they should be doing is to tell you that they are either hungry, tired, or fed up with the sensory class cos it’s just too much.


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