The "Reflux Free Baby" Series

are a series of online courses designed to provide you with the education and information that you need to identify what is the underlying cause of your baby's reflux, silent reflux, or colic (including possible allergies and intolerances), and to provide you with the actions you need to take to support your baby's health and life in the greatest way possible.

Before solids

Now is the time that is most effective to help your baby, solids can complicate things, so addressing their reflux at the root cause before it becomes a problem is THE most effective way to get to a reflux free life.

With or After Solids

54% of babies with reflux get worse with solids :( These courses are designed to help reduce and eliminate any additional reflux or pain due to food choices. All these courses are 100% suitable for babies with allergies.

Other Reflux Courses

There are so many ways that we can offer help and support including what to do before baby is born to minimise the risk of reflux happening.