If Your Baby Has Reflux, I Can Help You - Right Now

If Your Baby Has Reflux, I Can Help You - Right Now

Reflux is complex. 

That's why you're still searching for answers for your little one.

My gift is all about making the complex simple. And my background as a mechanical engineer makes me the perfect person to help you navigate this journey.

Choose your preferred way for help below.

Most tailored answers

Get Áine's brain on your baby's challenges. Come away from your consultations with a deep understanding of what is going on for your baby and why, and a clear Plan of Action of what to do for them.

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Fastest answers

When you don't want to wait for help and love to know what to do and why, the Reflux-Free Baby will walk you through everything you need to figure out the cause of your baby's reflux and how to help them.

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Budget-friendly answers

When the limitations of maternity leave you struggling to afford the help you need, this book is an incredible resource for you and your baby from now until they are at least 2 years old.

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All Online Courses

There is an incredible suite of courses available to support wherever your baby is at.

Remember that the BEST value is offered in the full Reflux-Free Baby bundle. Here are all the courses available individually.

Cause of Reflux Workshop

This is the starting point for ALL babies where you do not know what the cause is.

When we understand the underlying cause(s) of your baby's discomfort, the path to resolution is faster and clearer. 


Reflux Clinic

Twice a month get Áine's personal help, guidance and direction on helping your baby.

These are twice-monthly group zoom calls, which are recorded and you can ask questions ahead of time.

Includes the Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide.


Reflux in Children (2+)

For some, reflux doesn't simply disappear. When your child continues to struggle part 2 years there is STILL the possibility of helping them through understanding what is CAUSING their struggles. This class helps you figure out what is the likely cause and where best to get help from here.


Oral Play & Tongue Tie

This mini course guides you through WHAT to do for oral play and WHY to do it. 

This is relevant for ALL babies who experience any sort of feeding discomfort, and you will even learn HOW to tell if it's likely that your baby has a tongue tie or not.


Breastfeeding a Baby with Reflux & Allergies

Sometimes what you're eating can be the cause of your baby's discomfort. This is the ONLY process of elimination and reintroduction of foods that reflects your baby's digestive development.


Bottle Feeding a Baby with Reflux & Allergies

Bottle feeding itself is a skill often overlooked, so in this mini course we look at the best positions for feeding a baby with a bottle, what milks to choose and why, how to support a baby with low weight gain and much more. 


Food for Babies with Reflux & Allergies

HOW to introduce solids, WHAT foods to choose and WHY.

54% of babies get worse with solids, and this is because the foods they are eating don't support their current digestive development.


Alternate Dairy Ladder 

The IMAP dairy ladder doesn't take into account the development of your baby's digestive system, or the complexity of gluten and sugar. Dairy doesn't have to be all or nothing, This approach is novel and unique, looking at both lactose and protein intolerances as you go step-by-step.


Avoiding Reflux from Pregnancy

With an understanding of what causes reflux, we look at what actions you can take from pregnancy to minimise the risk of reflux in your future baby, and prepare you for how to support your baby FAST should you observe signs and symptoms early on. Preparation is key.


Professional Courses

With somewhere between 3 and 31 million being born with reflux every year around the globe, helping them all is not something I want to do alone.

I have created a number of training courses for people who work supporting parents and babies so that you are equipped to more fully support your clients.

Foundations in Baby Reflux

This 3.5 hour course introduces the holistic approach to reflux on a professional level, growing your ability to connect better with your clients.

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