Join the Reflux Revolution and get qualified in the holistic approach to infant reflux so many families are desperate for!

With 3 professional trainings created to provide the most comprehensive infant reflux education worldwide:

Don't need to know more... I'm in! Click here to enrol in the Certificate in Infant Reflux for March 2022 and get starting with the Infant Reflux Awareness Course straight away! There is always the opportunity to upgrade to the Diploma later.

Millions of babies around the world are struggling right now... 

Parents are pulling their hair out, desperate for answers that help their babies.

Doing their best not to medicate. 

Screaming on the inside because it feels like no-one is listening to them.

You might have even been there yourself. Stuck in a seemingly endless nightmare of crying and discomfort...

Babies are being left in endless pain and suffering without explanations, other than "it's normal". 

Children and toddlers are at greater risk of developmental delays, sleep apnoea, and even SIDS because of the general lack of understanding about reflux, its causes and the implications for not resolving it at the root cause.

Families are no longer happy places to be with extreme levels of stress, due to the simple lack of explanations and answers.

The reality for too many babies and parents is bleak.

The doctors don't have the answers.

Science doesn't have the answers... Or does it?

I've dedicated the last 8+ years to finding the answers to reflux discomfort so many families need, because it turns out science does have the answers!

We know infant health creates a solid foundation for a lifetime of good health. Yet, many babies are being let down... 

Imagine being able to contribute to infant health in a way that NO doctor, health visitor or paediatrician does, because they simply do not have the training (and scientific insight behind them) to look at infant reflux as anything other than a pharmacological issue that requires chemical alteration to 'fix'!

Infant reflux isn't normal - and it doesn't have to be something families suffer on with endlessly.

As a Certified Baby Reflux Lady you will be equipped and empowered with the knowledge and answers you know in your gut must be out there. 

I'm so glad you've found me. Families desperately need YOU!

 You're absolutely SICK of the lack of support for available for babies with reflux

You know there must be a better way than the doctors approach (although you may not know what it is just yet)

⭐ You firmly believe in addressing problems at the root cause to resolve them completely, it never fails

⭐ You believe in the power of knowledge & HONESTY so parents can make informed decisions for their children

⭐ You long for the tools to help parents resolve reflux quickly although you know it doesn't happen overnight

⭐ You know the doctors don't have all the answers nor are they going to acquire them anytime soon...

⭐ You're ready to support families in away few other professionals can boosting business (or starting one!) in the process

⭐ You're ready to help resolve infant reflux for the families that NEED you with lasting results 

⭐ You think of yourself as a reflux rebel aka you're not willing to let parents keep being fobbed off! 


As a Certified Baby Reflux Lady

The Causes of Infant Reflux 

There are over 30 different issues, conditions, genetics and events that can contribute to or cause infant reflux.

Imagine being able to... explain to an exhausted parent (who feels like they've tried everything!) that what they haven’t done is addressed the underlying cause - and that YOU can show them how.

Reading the Symptoms

As a certified Baby Reflux Lady you are trained to look at over 80 different symptoms, behaviours and events to be able to figure out what is the specific cause for each baby.

Imagine how it would feel to... support all babies, everywhere, because you have the skills to understand their unique pattern of reflux, to explain your findings to parents and give them the gift of having a reflux free life?

Food & Formula Choices

Too many mums are wrongly advised to switch to formula because mums breastmilk is causing baby’s reflux. 

Not only are the myriad of formula options confusing, very often the milks that are recommended make baby worse, not better.

Imagine being able to... advice parents correctly, and support both breast and bottle fed babies equally, advising on appropriate choices 

Resolving Reflux

Imagine being able to explain exactly what is going on for your clients' babies.

Imagine not having to send struggling parents elsewhere again – no more being heartbroken and helpless when it comes to baby reflux, uncertain if each family will get the support they really need.

Imagine having the exact knowledge and the right tools to... pinpoint the underlying cause of baby reflux for each child and regularly come up with a tailor-made solutions, that work.

Plus, expand your learning with the world's only Diploma in Nutrition for Infant Reflux, Colic and Associated Food Allergies & Intolerances and you'll also be qualified in

Breastfeeding Dietary Support

The link between mother's food and their baby's reflux and digestive comfort is stronger than you may think.

Imagine being able to... provide the most amazing and specific support to a mum who is struggling, who knows there is something in their diet that is aggravating their baby, and you have the knowledge to identify those irritants for them so they're not stuck on a long-term highly restricted diet that is not supporting their emotional or mental health, or their baby?


54% of babies with reflux get worse with solids. And there's a high number of babies diagnosed with reflux after starting solids who never had trouble before. 

Imagine being able to... support all of these children, through the introduction of solids, knowing what they should avoid and why, knowing how the foods interact with the reflux medications they may be on, and how to allow parents to really enjoy this fun part of parenting.

Dietary Complexities

Long term medication of young children creates serious complications that are often missed completely by mainstream healthcare through the chemical changes they create in their digestive system.

These include SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) and Histamine Sensitivity.

Imagine having the knowledge to... be able to explain to parents what is going on for they child and to help them navigate these complexities and bring  joy to their family lives?

How would it feel to be able to give parents solid research-based advice they can finally trust? And to be the first professional to leave them feeling heard?

While booking more clients to your business OR even starting a new business (with endless potential) from scratch! 


There are two professional reflux trainings to choose:

The Certificate in Baby Reflux provides a firm foundation in understanding reflux and its underlying causes, so you can resolve the root issue for each individual baby. This is the quickest route to becoming a qualified reflux specialist ready to get out there and serve families!

The Diploma in Nutrition for  Infant Reflux, Colic and Associated Food Allergies & Intolerances is our most in-depth training providing the knowledge you need to provide specialist nutritional support to weaning babies, breastfeeding mothers and those infants with dietary complexities and reflux. The Certificate is a pre-requisite of this course and is included in your investment.

After completing your training, you will carry out case studies with real infants suffering with reflux - this is your chance to see how powerful your new understanding really is and is the final step to becoming qualified.

As a Certified Baby Reflux Lady you will join a growing network of incredible practitioners all qualified to provide a holistic approach to resolving baby reflux. Some of our network have decided to expand their existing services with reflux support, others have experienced the transformative work we do first hand and decided to make a career out of helping other families. 

There are over 2 million babies struggling with reflux globally each year, and most of these are being let down by the medical approach to infant reflux... This means you'll never run out of potential clients to serve with your new reflux understanding. Whether you help families face-to-face or opt for an online business, the potential to build a successful business is massive.

 The Certificate has really strengthened my breastfeeding practice and has enhanced the care I’m able to give families who’s baby is struggling with reflux. I would recommend Áine’s course to anyone who works with new families.

- Anna Le Grange, RN, IBCLC

 I loved it! The Certificate was very informative, clear, well-structured and enjoyable. I learned so much and have already identified reflux/allergy signs in babies of multiple clients. I wouldn't have picked this up before doing this course.

- Louise Morelli, Sleep Consultant

Between my two girls we've had it all...

Official diagnoses of colic, reflux, silent reflux, tongue tie, cows milk protein allergy, nut allergy, sulphite allergy and multiple other food intolerances to boot!

The allergist I paid £400 for a private consultation told me I "needn't bother my pretty little head about it"... He told me my daughter was safe with all foods.

Turns out she had a mild nut allergy which allowed inflammation to build up in her system over 2 years so that she eventually got to a stage that she couldn't breathe at night due to airway restrictions.

My Traditional Chinese Medicine training (and my engineering and project management background!) firmly ingrained the drive to always seek the root cause of every problem, because there lies the best solution. And it's true.

When I applied what I knew to my own children, I discovered a whole new set of causes that were never mentioned, that were contributing to my children's suffering.

I discovered that the foods I was eating while breastfeeding were having a phenomenal impact, and I figured out why.

I discovered why my kids had food intolerances that nothing else could explain and how to support them best.

I discovered mechanical causes of reflux and how to address them at the root cause.

With clients, I discovered the causative link between gastric acid suppression medication and sudden new and inexplicable allergies in their children, and figured out how to resolve it safely.

I have a passion for health.

I believe in the need to raise a healthier generation of people than the culture of chronic disease that is growing.

I believe we need to support children to grow up to be their healthiest selves as adults, allowing them to be free from behavioural and physical illnesses, by identifying and addressing the root causes as early as possible.

Early intervention is always the best intervention.

And my clients love this approach because it literally changes their lives!

There are three courses to choose from, and they build upon each other, the knowledge in each builds on what is taught in the previous one. Watch the video below where Áine gives you an overview of each course and how they fit together.


Start with instant access to

The Infant Reflux Awareness Course

A 3-hour webinar developed to help you gain a vital foundation in infant reflux understanding and better serve your post-natal clients. This is your crucial first step before diving in to our more extensive trainings!

£297 + vat

(Inlcuded FREE when you enrol in The Certificate or The Diploma)

✓ The true prevalence of reflux globally and why this needs to change

✓ What reflux and colic really are and how to tell the difference

✓ What causes reflux and colic

✓ What the critical red flag symptoms are that we should all be aware of

✓ Why the current medical approach has limitations and what these are

✓ Tips to start supporting your clients better - immediately.


Get certified with our 3-month programme

The Certificate in Infant Reflux

The world's first and only training course providing postnatal professionals with a complete holistic understanding of colic & reflux. Revolutionise your understanding of reflux and equip yourself to free families from their reflux nightmare!

£3,499 + vat




After completing The Certificate you will be able to...


- Confidently explain what reflux really is and identify if a baby's symptoms are reflux related

Pinpoint the exact underlying cause of each unique child's reflux 

Accurately recommend the best plan of action to resolve this underlying cause, and when needed, direct parents to other suitable professionals

PLUS Call yourself a 'Certified Infant Reflux Specialist' 

Here's a look at exactly what The Certificate covers:


Take things to the next level with


in Nutrition for Infant Reflux, Colic and Associated Food Allergies & Intolerances

The most in-depth reflux training available, equipping you to provide in-depth nutritional advice and extensively support dietary complexities, allergies & intolerances.

Completion of The Certificate is a pre-requisite to this course and is included in your investment.

or £4,500 + vat when you upgrade from The Certificate



After completing The Diploma you will be able to...


- Confidently explain what reflux really is and identify if a baby's symptoms are reflux related

Pinpoint the exact underlying cause of each unique child's reflux 

Accurately recommend the best plan of action to resolve this underlying cause, and when needed, direct parents to other suitable professionals

- Call yourself a 'Certified Infant Reflux Specialist'


- Provide highly tailored nutritional support to families struggling with reflux, from supporting the diets of breastfeeding mothers to coming up with weaning plans for infants with a whole host of dietary complexities

Here's a look at exactly what The Diploma covers:


The Certificate and Diploma courses go hand in hand...

Will 2022 be your year to become a Certified Baby Reflux?

When you sign-up to become a Certified Baby Reflux Lady you will get:

In-Depth Reflux Training

Your journey starts with instant access to our 3-hour Infant Reflux Awareness Course before continuing on to The Certificate in Infant Reflux. 

You also have the opportunity to take The Diploma in Nutrition for Infant Reflux, Colic and Associated Food Allergies & Intolerances - enabling you to take things to the next level and provide support in breastfeeding, weaning and dietary complexities.


Guest Expert Knowledge

After The Certificate course, you'll get access to online content from a fantastic range of additional experts contributing their knowledge, to make sure you have the confidence you need to support your clients fully.

A Passionate Community

Our existing Baby Reflux Ladies are a phenomenal bunch, determined to make a difference by rebelling against the medical approach to reflux and providing a better, HOLISTIC approach. If you've always wanted to be part of a life-changing cause, the Reflux Revolution could be just what you've been waiting for!

More Clients

Everything you'll receive is designed to help you grow your business and make a bigger impact on the world! We want you to have a thriving business that saves as many families as possible from their reflux hell. Could there be anything more fulfilling than that?

Not forgetting...

A 3-month 'Baby Reflux Lady Network' Membership


I know it's vital for you to have a profitable business as well as one that makes a positive impact in the world.

I spent 14 years in the corporate world, was a management consultant and have been self-employed or in my limited company since 2012 - so I've been around the block in growing this business. Now, I am here to support YOU. 

I've been there, I've bought the t-shirt, the sweater and the novelty pen that runs out after an hour! And I've fallen into the pitfalls like many other.

I want to make sure I can support you to GROW your business, to attract your perfect clients and to earn you the income that supports the life you want to lead.

Your success is fundamental to helping me realise my mission - to create a world where no family struggles with reflux for more than 6 weeks. 

With over 2 million babies experiencing reflux on an annual basis, this is a big goal, and I cannot do it on my own!

To support your business growth, I host the Baby Reflux Lady Network, which includes:

⭐ Weekly Q&A Thread with Áine to access additional support for your clients

⭐ Private Facebook group for Certified Baby Reflux Ladies to ask for support with clients

⭐ Social Media Graduation celebration

⭐ Listing on the Baby Reflux Lady practitioner page

⭐ Permission to call yourself a ‘Baby Reflux Lady’ and use the brand logo

⭐ An invitation to publish blogs on The Baby Reflux Lady

⭐ Access to client data capture software

⭐ Ongoing affiliate rate of 50% for courses - your own person passive income stream!

On graduation, you get access to this for 3 months free of charge.


Ready-to-go Passive Income Streams

When you work for yourself, it's difficult to see how you can have the time to support all client, everywhere. If you do the numbers, even supporting 1/2 of the babies struggling with reflux in your locality could be overwhelming.

This is where online courses are a brilliant resource. Yet, finding the time to create online content, learning how to host them, investing in the software and then editing everything to get them up and ready to run - it's another huge task.

I have done the hard work for you. It's taken me 3 years to create the courses I offer online to parents, and as a student, you get the opportunity to start helping families immediate with a 50% affiliate income from the courses I have created for you.


Graduates of this course will be the central 'Totem Pole of Knowledge' for their village, town, city and online communities, and so we must be equipped to support parents as much as we can.

In some instances, it will be 100% you who provides the support. In other instances, you'll want to know who to point to and be able to support your clients in having informed conversations. 

I've have also brought together some of the most incredible forward thinkers when it comes to infant and maternal wellbeing - they have provided additional content which you will have access to online to extend your learning.


Cheryl Maddison



Cheryl is a Certified Baby Reflux Lady, Sleep Consultant & Newborn specialist. She now brings a valuable 'Infant Development' to The Certificate and acts as a cohort mentor, supporting participants through their training, knowing exactly what it undertakes when you're a professional new to our approach to reflux.

Meet our amazing Education Partners contributing their knowledge, wisdom and insights to your training

Brittny Sciarra


As an orofacial myologist and healthcare professional, Brittny takes a passionate and optimistic approach in preventing and treating the causes of orofacial myofunctional disorders - getting to the root of the problem, instead of merely treating the symptoms.

She teaches a class on the importance of nose breathing versus mouth breathing, including how we can identify and support babies & children with issues from an early age, to provide a better quality of life overall.

Alexandra Heath


When working with parents who have been repeatedly told that there is no explanation for their child's suffering, and yet they live in a constant state of survival, we must be vigilant for the signs of postnatal depression and trauma.

Alexandra teaches a class on recognising the signs and symptoms of trauma and postnatal depression in mums so that we are better able to support our clients at their most vulnerable time.

Jennie Harrison


An Energy Healer & Teacher and Transformation Coach, Jennie has been working with mums and their children helping them to heal their difficult and traumatic experiences for nearly 9 years.

She talks to us about how trauma and stress from pregnancy can be causative factors in reflux and digestive upset, so that we can better understand our clients. 

Mallory Millet


A Speech & Language Pathologist by trade Mallory is also an Infant Feeding Specialist. She found her passion working with moms who have babies with feeding issues ranging from oral motor development, reflux, bottle choice, positioning, schedules etc.

She brings us techniques that we can use to support the overall oral function and health of young babies and toddlers to make sure they have the coordination and muscle strength to use their body correctly.

Anna Le Grange


As a registered nurse and IBCLC, Anna brings two classes, one on the basics of breastfeeding babies with reflux and the second, and arguably more important class, on bottle feeding.

There is so little support for bottle feeding available, it's assumed that parents know how to bottle feed. However, there are important strategies and techniques to understand that could be the difference between reflux and none, and so it's vital that we understand these too.

Shelly Wilson


A midwife and IBCLC, as well as baby massage and yoga teacher, Shelly brings us a class on techniques to manage milk supply. 

It isn't always about the right foods, sometimes it is about the right position and the understanding of baby's cues that are more important. Shelly's class gives us all the basics to support mums in their breastfeeding journey and to know when, and what advice to seek, from an IBCLC.

Carly Budd


A paediatric occupational therapist, baby massage & baby yoga teacher and the founder of the Carly Budd Developmental Play Academy®, Carly brings us a fabulous class on Tummy Time so that we can support parents and babies with physical development play that will provide them with benefits for their reflux too.

Parents with babies who have reflux and digestive issues frequently skip tummy time because they fear that it can make things worse - Carly shows us how that doesn't have to be the case.

Karen Bramell


Infant and Child Sleep Consultant Karen Bramall has been working with families to solve their children’s sleep problems for over a decade. 

Baby Sleep the Night was formed, after extensive research led her to solve her own children’s sleep difficulties and the transformation that it made to her whole family inspired her to be truly passionate about sleep.

Karen teaches a class on the basics of infant sleep, a foundation for those who are not sleep consultants.

Sam Carbon


Founder of Samantha Carbon Therapy and Baker Street Therapy in London, Sam became interested in the area of psychotherapy after more than 25 years of working in the investment banking world and while volunteering with Victim Support. 

She talks to us about Racism Awareness and how we can be respectful and inclusive with our work as infant reflux practitioners.


AJ Silver


Founder of The Queer Birth Club, AJ is A Queer birth & postnatal Doula, probationary Breastfeeding counsellor, babywearing consultant, author, speaker and LGBT+ activist.

They bring us a vital session on language, stats and statistics, terminology, LGBT+ History and so much more - in order for you to start your journey in making your business or product accessible to LGBT+ parents.


If you're ready to add a new level to your business and bring families much needed relief from baby reflux and its underlying causes - apply now to reserve a space on our 2022 trainings!

If you are ready to enrol, then please complete the application form, and then connect with Donna, Cheryl or Áine via phone, zoom or messenger.



The Certificate in Baby Reflux (starting March 2022)

If you want the quickest route to become certified in baby reflux and to start helping families uncover the underlying cause of their child's pain - The Certificate is for you!

The course investment options are:
Pay in Full
£3,499 +vat

6 monthly payments

6 monthly payments

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The Diploma in Nutrition for Infant Reflux, Colic and Associated Food Allergies & Intolerances including The Certificate

Become a leader in your field with the most in-depth infant reflux training in the world: The Diploma

The course investment options are:
Pay in Full
£6,499 +vat

6 monthly payments

6 monthly payments

Click your preferred price above to enrol directly today!

Pay in 12 Instalments

Have any questions?

If you're unsure that this is right for you, get in touch to explore if this is the right fit and the right time...

Nervous about investing?

I get it! Which is why I offer a Money Back Guarantee…

I'm committed to getting the best results for my students. I consistently attract high quality, committed students who sign-up because they are ready to: do the work, be open-minded to the research that is available, learn how to interpret this correctly, and to constantly apply what they learn on an individual basis for each and every family they work with.

If this is you, then this course will be the perfect fit!

To show you how much I care, I include a full 30-day money back guarantee, so that when you enrol you have the added security of knowing that if you feel this course is not what you expect, then you can get a 100% money back, no quibbles.

To make this fair to all concerned, the terms and conditions clearly set out that this guarantee is only applicable if you personally have showed up, completed 100% of the coursework, attended 90% of the live calls (or replays) to that point.

If you meet this level of commitment on your part, then my money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that you will be entitled to a refund if you are not satisfied.

This is how confident I am that when you learn from me, and implement what you learn, you WILL get results for your clients.

Your success is my highest priority. With that partnership in mind, enrol intentionally and with full security.

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