Oral Play & Tongue Tie

If You Suspect Tongue Tie might be causing Your Baby's Reflux, This is the Place to Start

This mini course is suitable for you if:

  • Your baby has difficulty feeding, e.g.
    • Cannot stay latched
    • Clicks when feeding
    • Gags, coughs, chokes or splutters when feeding
    • spills milk from their mouth while feeding
  • A tongue tie has been diagnosed and you have:

    • Been told it does not need to be cut
    • Not been given and preparatory exercises to do before the revision
    • Been told it might be muscular tension
  • Baby has had tongue tie revision performed, and
    • There has no noticeable improvement
    • They got better and then their latch appears to have got worse again
    • You were given Active Wound Management exercises to perform (where you physical massage the open wound) and you're not comfortable in doing that and you're not sure why

Tongue Tie Aftercare is Super Important

This mini course contains a combination of

  • Oral Play Exercises
  • Oral and Facial Massage

These elements are what every child who is struggling to latch onto the breast or their bottle easily will need to support the development of their oral function.

This is the information that is missing from most tongue tie practitioners. 

Over the coming weeks and months this course will grow to contain a lot more information, however, the important stuff is needed now. 

Enrolling now at the introductory price and you will benefit from the additional information that gets added for no extra cost!

Praise for this course

Hello, oh my goodness I’m half way through your oral play course and it all makes so much sense now 😭 I now believe my 4.5 month old has a tongue tie that got missed by multiple practitioners previously. Half relieved to find an answer, half angry!


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