Colic and Reflux: Ways to Settle your Crying Baby

Settle your Crying Baby Reflux Colic

If you find yourself here because you are struggling to settle your crying baby, firstly let me give you a massive virtual hug. I get it. I have been there. I know how hard it is. I promise you are in the right place now.

How many babies struggle with reflux?

What makes me truly sad is that my experience and yours are not uncommon. So many mums have felt like they did not get the support they wanted or needed when they first asked for help. 67%, in fact. 

The statistics in the UK currently show that 40% of babies suffer from reflux of some sort of another.  Then WHY is the support not there. 

Why, when mums speak to more than one health visitor, do 64% experience inconsistent advice?

If reflux is so widespread, why do we not have a standard approach to diagnosing and dealing with it?

And WHY are there so many missed or wrong diagnoses? 61% of babies on medication still having symptoms.  Clearly the medication isn’t working, but the answer seems to be try another medication with complete understanding of the consequences of long term medications for baby can be. 

Think of the ongoing suffering of those mums who desperately want help but are not getting it?

To me, the numbers are reinforcing that the health system has a lot to do to improve.  There is a lot to do to support mums.

Something had to change

I remember how I felt during the 5 months without any diagnosis. Being told that my baby was simply "a crier" and she would have to learn how to sleep the hard way. That really made me feel like I couldn’t trust the people I thought I could trust. 

And with 40% of babies experiencing reflux what can we do NOW that supports them and their parents?

I felt the need to get my book written, to have it out there so that we can really push the conversation forward. I made it my mission to create a better support framework for newborn babies and their parents. To provide EARLY intervention to result in happier babies, happier parents and happier families.

Checklist for Settling an Unsettled Baby

If these don't give any relief at all, then its time to see your GP and bring all the information with you of what you've tried.  

This gives you a really strong basis to start from, PLUS, if you've got your food and symptom diary with you, you KNOW that you won't forget to describe exactly how much anguish you're going through!

Please share this blog with any mum or dad you think might be struggling with a newborn baby.


A xxx

If you have done all the above and are still at your wits end, I am here for you.

How can I help?

In the 'Reflux Free Baby' Workshop, I walk you through all the symptoms you need to observe and record for your baby, what they mean, and how to use them as clues. The course is suitable for both bottle feeding and breastfed babies who are suffering with baby reflux.

I tell you what the clues mean individually and when they occur with other groups of symptoms. 

And this leads us to being able to say what is causing each baby's reflux with much more confidence. 

Based on this, I tell you what specific action to take for them.

To get your baby free from their reflux as quickly as possible, sign-up now. You will have your answer within an hour.

How to Cure Baby Reflux

The starting point for ALL babies and toddlers, regardless of their age, is to understand what symtpoms they are expericing that are connected to their reflux (this includes colic, silent reflux, CMPA and other allergies and intolerances as they all have cross-over symptoms).

Download your free Baby Reflux Sypmtoms Tracker right now and get started by understanding which of your baby's symptoms are related to their reflux.

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