How would it feel to know what’s going on with your baby so you can provide the relief they need?

Read The Baby Reflux Lady blog to bust the myths surrounding baby reflux, learn all about the things the doctors aren’t telling you and discover and discover a holistic approach to overcoming baby reflux, for good. 

Case Study: Sophie Louise

Imagine being able to turn even the most traumatic reflux experience around and start enjoying family life with your little one... The 'Reflux Free Baby' Workshop was created turn this dream into a reality! Read how one parent did just that:

"How do I start this...?

Well I have had a really...

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Case Study: Leanne Tojagic

The Baby Reflux Lady was founded by a mum who gets how awful parenting through reflux really is. Which means you can expect compassion whether you sign-up for 1-1 reflux support or the 'Reflux Free Baby' Workshop and other course. Here's what Leanne had to say:

"Áine and I started to work...

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Case Study: Kathii Hodge

The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide was written to be just that - a survival guide which will get you through the hell that is reflux and see you free out the other side! Here's what one reader had to say:

"My son H is 12 weeks old, he has been unsettled with reflux all this time and it has...

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Case Study: Jida Choura

The journey to a reflux free baby could be so much faster than most parents experience, if only every one took the same approach as we do at The Baby Reflux Lady! Here's what one amazing mum had to say of her journey before and after 1-1 baby reflux support:

"Let's start from the...

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Case Study: Holly Ellis

When you're looking for answers to your baby's reflux, it can be hard to imagine how  you'll ever get from where you are to the point where you're living a reflux free life... Holly Ellis shares her experience after purchasing The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide:

"Your book absolutely...

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