Has Food Turned Your Baby's Sleep Upside Down?

Turn Their Restlessness  into Deep Restful Sleep In less than 6 weeks

The Reflux Free Baby Food Course is a 6-week guided programme that frees your little one from night-time discomfort, allowing them to be themselves during the day.

Joe was 15 months old, and since the age of six months, just couldn't seem to lie still.

Joe's mum came to me for help. She had already tried sleep consultants, doctors, osteopaths, and no-one could help explain why Joe was so unhappy.

As a young baby, he was a happy little man. Full of giggles and smiles.

Around six or seven months, he started to become noticeably more clingy. Mum thought it was teething or illness at first, but it never eased. And ten months later he was clingier than ever.

He wouldn't, couldn't sit still.

He didn't like spending time with anyone other than mum.

He seemed miserable.

And his mum was losing sleep over it.

Not just because of worry and wonder of where her little joyful man had gone. But he was literally waking her about six times a night now. 

And there never seemed to be much of a reason for it. Except he always needed to be lifted for a cuddle and some milk first. Only after 5-10 minutes with mum shoulder would he settle again. 

The reason that Joe couldn't sleep still?

Because his body wasn't able to digest the foods he was eating properly.

These foods were fermenting in his little gut causing trapped gas and discomfort.

This didn't affect Joe during the day or for his naps because he was so active, always moving, walking, climbing. And this motion helped move the gas through his gut. 

His mum agreed that he was "quite a trumpy baby" when she thought about it, but it never seemed to cause him any hassle. 

Until the night time descended. 

During the night, Joe was considerably less active, but the food he ate at lunch time and dinner time was now fermenting and getting stuck in his gut. So the movements his body was doing was to help move the air through his body.

He was trying to get rid of it.

I coached Anna through the food changes she needed to make, and she was happy to go big bang, to get the quickest changes possible within the shortest time possible.

And within days, Joe was sleeping peacefully.

His body was now getting into deep restful sleep. A week later Anna reported that Joe had sat reading a book with his grandad for the first time ever at the weekend. 

Suddenly he wasn't clingy, he wasn't irritable, he wasn't climbing up Anna all day.

He was happy.

He was inquisitive

He was a joy to be around.


When Weaning Ignores the Natural Immaturity of a Baby's Digestive System...

  • Their sleep can get worse, they seem to sleep restlessly, moving all night, doing laps of their cot.
  • With less sleep, they get clingy and whiny, irritable and grumpy
  • Their reflux can flare, or worse, they get diagnosed with reflux, having never had it as a younger baby. 
  • You get less sleep
  • Your relationships suffer
  • And no-one seems to have an explanation or an answer

Until Now...

I discovered research published by the WHO in the 1980's that outlines exactly how our baby's digestion differs from that of an adults. I combined this information with the molecular chemistry of foods my baby (and I) was eating, and within three weeks I had nailed what foods were causing my little girl massive challenges and what she was able to digest easily.

This information changed my life, and has been changing the lives of families around the world for the last two years.

You can access it all in the Reflux Free Baby Food Course.

Buy Now

See improvements in your baby in DAYS  then learn how to introduce foods safely and expand your baby's diet with nutritious and healthy foods that support their growth and development.

Change can happen very quickly when we provide our babies with everything they need, and avoid the things that they don't. 

What's Included:

  • Email guidance throughout the six weeks, making sure you get the actions to take and the reasons you're taking them, yet reducing the overwhelm with the timing of information!
  • 6 weeks of suggested meal plans
  • eBook of Food Suggestions and Recipes
  • Combined Video (over 2 hours) and Text Content
  • Guidance on managing change with your little one (who might have their own ideas and independence around food!)
  • Understanding what reflux reactions look like and what to do when they happen
  • Structuring long term plan post 6 weeks
  • How to introduce Allergens and Problematic Foods

There is also bonus content from nutritionist Julie Clark

  • Calcium for Dairy-Free Babies
  • What Other Nutrients are Important For My Baby?



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Why Would you Recommend This Course To Others Parents?


What did you like about the course?

"It's video format, clear information and actually looking back the way you unlock each stage helped me digest everything."

Why would you recommend this course?

"I trust you! Your knowledge is my power. Plus it gave me a feeling of control to which foods are high risk"

Sarah Keogh

What did you like about the course?

"There was loads of information and food idea's which was excellent"

Why would you recommend this course?

"It works and makes complete sense.

Life long health results"

Hi, I'm Aine, the voice of unsettled babies, an advocate for silenced parents and an activist for changing how baby reflux is treated across the world.
I have helped hundreds of families transform their lives through resolving their baby's reflux by understanding and resolving the cause(s).
I've been exactly where you are.
Between my two daughters we have had colic, silent reflux, tongue tie, reflux, CMPA, CMPI and multiple other food allergies and intolerances.
I discovered that babies have a natural immaturity in their digestive systems. Which isn't strange when you think about it. This natural immaturity means that they simply don't have the digestive capability to break down many foods, foods that are typical first foods in our culture. And so I created this weaning course... I've done the hard work for you.
I'm passionate about baby reflux and freeing families from the needless and ongoing suffering that our current healthcare systems don't have this knowledge.
No suffering is needed and so no suffering should be endured.
I want you to be able to get on with living the family life you dream of.

Imagine life when...

Your Baby Sleeps

Peacefully, resting properly, without fidgeting and in 3-4 hour stretches... maybe even in their own bed!
& You Can Sleep Too

Safe Foods

You know exactly what your baby can eat safely, and have a solid foundation of Safe Foods to always come back to.

New Foods

You have confidence in the process you follow to introduce new foods, minimising the risk of reflux flares

Happy, Contented Baby

Your baby is their true self, eager to explore the playgroup, happy to sit with for story time and needing to be in your arms all the time...

YOU Time

Seriously... get some quality time with your partner and for yourself. This is possible when your little one is able to be happy and to rest.


Knowing what to feed your baby, how to introduce foods safely and when to pause, take a breather and enjoy life.

Chelle, Ben & Lyla

"We now have a happier, healthier and medicine free Lyla, who we are brink of being able to say is reflux free. I can now enjoy being a mummy to my beautiful girl and I now completely trust my instincts. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts Aine. You literally saved us."

Get ALL the Answers For Your Baby

If your little ones reflux has not been under control before solids, then you should start with understanding and resolving the underlying cause of their reflux. Only by doing this will you be able to tell if foods are causing a problem or not. Get the Cause & Cure of Reflux Workshop and The Weaning Course in a Double Deal Now.

Did you know?

54% of babies with reflux experience reflux flares with the introduction of solids?

100% of these babies are eating foods their bodies are not yet able to digest.

This Approach to Solids is  Different From Every Other Weaning Courses

The approach taken to the food selected for your baby in this course is completely unique: It is the only approach to infant food that takes into account the natural immaturity of your baby's digestive system.

Not having the basic tools to break down particular food groups leads to food fermenting in the gut, which in turn causes abdominal discomfort, flatulence, and in particular, restless sleeping.

This prevents baby from slipping into deep sleep which is vital for the physical rest and regeneration of their growing bodies. 

No other course approaches the introduction of food for your baby in this way. 

No other course takes account of how digestive immaturity contributes to reflux.

No other course is designed to put baby first.

And those "foods to avoid for reflux"? Well, they are based on adult reflux... not infant reflux, and an adult's digestive system... not an infants.

That's why they don't work.

Let me buy this now!

Katy Winskell

"I’m now following her e-course for introducing solids and it’s packed full of useful information. I would recommend getting in touch with Aine without hesitation."


I'm Ready to Learn How To Free my Baby from Reflux

The Reflux Free Baby: Food for Babies with Reflux course is only one click away... Hit the button below to join this journey to free your baby from reflux, get confidence in the food choices you make for them and start living the family life you once imagined.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! This course is supported by a series of emails guiding your through what to change and when, as well as why your baby's biology needs this approach and then once they are settled with a happy tummy, when and how you go about introducing problematic foods.

Yes, I have specific information on what to do, how to get to a place of great quickly. Then how to rebuild your baby's diet so they have plenty of variety and can enjoy food without the pain of reflux.

If you're at the beginning of the journey, please sign up on this page. The content is the same and you will have ongoing access so that if you need to figure things out again in a year, you can get the guides for babys already on solids.

Yes, I have a food introduction plan. I have suggested menus along the way to avoid reflux flares and walk you through the understanding of food and your baby

You will also build a solid foundation of safe foods to get your baby to a place of great. When your baby's reflux has settled down, this is the time to start weaning from the medications, because your baby does not need to be on them if they do not have reflux.

Implementing the process in this course then gives you time and energy to go to your GP or paediatrician and discuss the weaning options and methods from the medications.

If your baby's reflux has never been under control I suggest that you take the workshop Reflux Free Baby Course first as this how you will identify what is going on for your baby and what you can do about it before complicating things with food. Once this has been sorted, you can do the weaning e-course.
You can get the workshop and this course as a bundle.

When it comes to making your life easy, this course does it for you. With regular emails keeping you on track and making sure you have the relevant knowledge at the right time, and don't feel overwhelmed with the process.

There's more content in here than is in the book and content always being added, including bonus information from other specialists.

You also get the benefit of joining a community of other parents on the same journey and committed to supporting their baby's the best way possible with food.

By the end of the course I want you to be in a different place from where you are today. I want you to have the knowledge and confidence in selecting foods for your baby whenever and wherever you are in your journey.

Your baby is my real client. My goal is to get them to a Place of Great as quickly as possible, and then keep them as close to this as possible by teaching you how to use my processes to understand if foods are potential problems or not.

I've been working with clients privately for two years. All of whom get positive results. I am trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and so I bring a very different understanding and perspective on food and its interaction with the body. I'm also a student of Nutrition for Food Intolerances and Allergies.

Reflux broke my husband and I, and it very nearly destroyed our marriage completely.

Now I know life doesn't have to be merely survived with a baby with reflux, I am driven to make sure as few families continue to suffer as possible.

Stop suffering, start living.

Enroll in the Reflux Free Baby Food Course to take the pressure off, give you step-by-step guidance on changing what your baby is eating and fully understand why your baby's innate biology demands this baby-centred approach.

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