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Food Course

Gain the confidence you need to enjoy feeding your baby solids in this 6 week step-by-step process designed to rid your child of bloating, wind and sleep troubles.

Weaning my baby was awful.

My little girl suffered so much that, if I’m honest, I hated being a mum... 

Even though I had every weaning book and the freezer stocked with amazing homemade meals, ready to go! She struggled. I struggled.

I’d started with such hope. Starting on solids was where my daughter’s reflux would get better, right? 

Wrong. Weaning my baby didn’t make her reflux go away.  

In fact, solids made her worse than ever. 

Porridge, stewed apple, sweet potato, pear (all the classic weaning foods) made her WORSE. In particular, her sleep got worse... at a stage when I thought it couldn’t get any worse! 

What should have been a time of joy, fun and laughter, was agonisingly stressful. 

Until I made my greatest reflux discovery: an understanding that her digestive system was unable to cope with the foods she and I were eating. 

Aine Homer, Infant Reflux Specialist and Founder of The Baby Reflux Lady, smiling at camera
Aine Homer, Infant Reflux Specialist and Founder of The Baby Reflux Lady pictured researching how to support introducing a baby with reflux to solids / food

When I learned that my baby had an immature digestive system, I was able to approach weaning completely differently and cut out the discomfort for good! 

Finally, I could work out what foods my baby could eat and how to prepare meals for her with confidence. 

Now, I want to help you do the same. 

You deserve to enjoy motherhood. You deserve to enjoy weaning. 

Your baby deserves to be free from pain so their little personality can really start to shine through, and so they can see you happy and relaxed. 

Can you imagine you and your baby playing with food?

Chelle review of working with The Baby Reflux Lady while weaning baby with reflux

Chelle & Lyla

"We now have a happier, healthier and medicine free Lyla, who we are brink of being able to say is reflux free. I can now enjoy being a mummy to my beautiful girl and I now completely trust my instincts. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts Áine. You literally saved us."

Stop struggling to help your baby enjoy solid foods and see changes that’ll help you forget your weaning struggles.

Change can happen very quickly when we provide our babies with everything they need and avoid the things they don't.

You’ll come away from the Reflux Free Baby Weaning Course with: 

✓ Confidence in the foods you choose for your baby 
knowing they won’t cause any pain 

✓ A happy baby 
who isn’t reacting to every meal  

A baby who sleeps 
peacefully and LONGER, not interrupted by digestive upset 

The coveted thing of dreams, free from worry and upset because you’ve got a plan to make weaning enjoyable

Happy toddler eating, having got support while starting solids as a baby with reflux

Just think, you’ll quickly save that on wasted food and cookbooks you can’t use because you haven’t worked out how to make weaning reflux free... 

Katrina review of Baby Reflux solids/weaning support for a baby with reflux

Katrina McColl

"I would recommend and urge anyone looking for real answers on their babies reflux and looking to facilitate positive change in their life to sign up to Áine's teachings. She just makes sense!"

All you need to make weaning Reflux Free

Here’s what’s included: 

  • Reflux Free Baby workshop so that you have the confidence to know what is the true underlying cause of your baby's reflux and what has been going on since before solids
  • Easy-to-follow video content to teach you everything you need to know about successful weaning in the face of baby reflux 
  • Tips on how to prepare your little one for change so there’s as few tears as possible (for them or for you) 
  • 6 weeks of guided meal plans with food suggestions and recipes 
  • Ready-to-go weaning action plan for how and when to introduce foods 
  • Tips on what reflux reactions look like and what to do when they happen  
  • Expert knowledge on gut development so you have the science behind effectively feeding your child 

How it's delivered:

✓ Easy-to-use baby reflux symptom tracking tools

✓ Guided video instructions and explainer videos so you understand WHAT is going on for your baby

✓ Downloadable pdf's with suggested meal plans
✓ Engaging video teaching you can easily watch from your smartphone (with it's own app) or computer


A happy, comfortable baby and a good night’s sleep - the best things are priceless. Consider this a small price to pay to finally have more of that goodness in your life! 

 Brilliant Bonuses

The course includes brilliant bonuses to further support you as you overcome baby reflux for good, including: 

  • Calcium for Dairy-Free Babies with Nutritionist Julie Clark 
  • How to Introduce Allergens and High-Risk Foods
  • Reflux Medications & Food: How medications affect your baby's digestive system and how to know if reactions are due to medication or your baby's body.
  • Food Aversions: What happens if your baby doesn't want to eat or cannot eat? What should you do? How can you help them? 
  • Much more - get instant access now to be delighted by all the reflux specific knowledge you’ll have on hand.

Letting your baby try whatever they like sounded like great advice, until it upset their tummy... What if you could know you’re only offering foods which won’t cause them any discomfort?  


Once you’ve learned this stuff you’ll know how to approach weaning for this baby and any future children. Think of it as an investment for your family peace for years to come... 

Have questions?
Get in touch, I'm happy to help!

Imagine life when...

Symbol of a bib, representing safe weaning of a baby with reflux

You’re an expert on their safe foods

You can confidently pick out exactly what your baby can eat safely, and have a solid foundation of Safe Foods to always come back to. 

Symbol of a baby's beaker, representing weaning of a baby with reflux

Introducing new foods is fun,
not terrifying

You have confidence in the process you follow to introduce new foods, minimising the risk of reflux flares . 

Symbol of happy child, representing successful weaning of a baby with reflux

You’re not obsessing over your baby’s food anymore

Imagine having new confidence - knowing what to feed your baby, how to introduce foods safely and when to pause, take a breather and enjoy life. 

Symbol of baby sleeping, successful weaning of a baby with reflux and how it benefits sleep

Your baby finally sleeps
(and you can too)

Peacefully, resting properly, without fidgeting and in 3-4 hour stretches... maybe even in their own bed!

Symbol of parents together, successful weaning of a baby with reflux and the time it allows parents to stop worrying and be together

You get some YOU time

Seriously... imagine getting some quality time with your partner and for yourself. With a little one who is comfortable and content to rest - you’ll finally get this time! 

Symbol of a smiling baby, successful weaning of a baby with reflux

You have a happy, contented baby

Your baby is their true self, eager to explore the playgroup, happy to sit alone for story time and not needing to be in your arms all the time


Have questions?
Get in touch, I'm happy to help!

Each purchase helps support The Baby Reflux Lady’s mission to help parents overcome reflux for good, all over the world. Ready to be part of it?

Julie Ann review of Baby Reflux solids/weaning support for a baby with reflux

Julie Ann Murray

"Weaning is something I should have been excited about but having a baby with reflux left me full of dread as I approached weaning age.

I signed up to this course and instantly felt relief and empowered to make the best decisions for my baby that would not result in a downwards reflux spiral! I was given information from professionals about weaning that I knew wouldn’t work for my baby and the course reaffirmed my gut instinct and provided me with the right knowledge and understanding to make good food choices for my baby.

As we go in to Week 5 of weaning my baby is loving every mealtime and it has become the fun and exciting part of parenting that I always wanted it to be!"

This approach to solids is different to every other weaning course...

Aine Homer, Infant Reflux Specialist and founder of The Baby Reflux Lady, specialists in supporting wean babies with reflux and/or colic

The holistic approach taken in this course is completely unique: it is the only approach to infant food that takes into account the natural immaturity of your baby's digestive system. 

My lightbulb moment occurred when I realised that babies do not have the same suite of digestive enzymes that adults do. This is a natural path of maturity for them, backed up by science.  

Not having the basic tools to break down particular food groups leads to food fermenting in the gut, which in turn causes abdominal discomfort, flatulence, and restless sleeping at night... And we all know that affects you as much as it does your baby! 

No other course approaches the introduction of food for your baby in a way that takes this into consideration.  

Which means no other course is designed to put baby FIRST.


You don’t have to wing it, only to be disappointed by your baby’s continued discomfort... Once you’re inside, you’ll know you can cut out the tears as much as possible. 


This course is for you if...

  • Any parent who’s struggled with weaning their baby and can see their child still isn’t happy on solids... Solids are making baby reflux worse!  
  • Any parent who wants to help their baby enjoy eating solids and be confident what they’re feeding their child isn’t causing them discomfort...  

This course is not for you if...

  • Any parent only at the very start of their weaning journey (or yet to get started). Instead, take a look at the Reflux Free Baby Weaning Course for the support you need. 

Once you’ve learned this stuff you’ll know how to approach weaning for this baby and any future children. Think of it as an investment for your family peace for years to come... 



"I liked the video format, clear information and actually looking back the way you unlock each stage helped me digest everything. I trust Áine! Her knowledge is my power. Plus it gave me a feeling of control to which foods are high risk"

Sarah Keogh

"There was loads of information and food idea's which was excellent. It works and makes complete sense, for life long health results."



Have questions?

No problem! I’m here to help. See frequently asked questions below or get in touch to on [email protected] to ask the team anything.

Katy review of Baby Reflux solids/weaning support for a baby with reflux

Katy Winskell

"I’m following The Baby Reflux Lady's e-course for introducing solids and it’s packed full of useful information. I would recommend getting in touch with Áine without hesitation."


Think how much you’ve spent on baby gadgets and know this is going to bring you more peace than anything you’ve purchased so far!