10 Tips For Baby Reflux & Colic: Why you won't find me doing this blog

No tips for baby reflux


It is the first thing many ask. What are your top tips for baby reflux? I like to think I'm a reliable, knowledgeable resource when it comes to all things baby reflux and colic. I've dedicated a huge portion of the last eight years to studying this stuff!!

You won't find me doing a "tips for baby reflux" blog. What people might not realise is that providing practical, actionable tips for free over social media (or on a blog) is extremely hard! And it's not because I don't want to be as helpful as possible to you...


The reason I won't do a "tips for reflux" blog?

Because every case of reflux is different.

While the symptoms of discomfort for your child may look like those of another baby, the reality is there are many, many different reasons your child could be struggling.

The solution to one baby’s reflux might be mum changing her diet (and therefore changing the contents of her milk), while another baby’s solution is gastrointestinal surgery…

Reflux is NOT a disease in its own right.

Infant reflux is a set of SYMPTOMS which link back to an underlying cause (often more than one) that leads to discomfort.

This means what will work to relieve reflux for one baby just won't work for another.

In fact, following generic reflux tips you find online has the potential to cause you even MORE frustration.

I believe if you're going to put energy into making changes for you and your baby, it's crucial you're doing this in a way that's actually going to help—changes which are tailored to the exact underlying cause your baby is experiencing.

This is why I'm always going on about pinpointing exactly what is causing your baby's reflux before you do anything else!


How do we resolve reflux?

It's this underlying cause you really need to resolve.

Once you know what these symptoms are, the Reflux Free Baby workshop has been developed to guide you through resolving the issues you've uncovered. It’s all online and can be done from the comfort of your home - even from your phone.

All of my workshops are priced to reflect the life-changing value that's inside and to make sure I can keep this business thriving in order to make as big an impact as I can on the world as I truly want to.

As well as supporting parents on their journey to a reflux-free life, I also train fourth-trimester professionals to recognise and resolve reflux for their existing clients. You can find more information on the professional training here. That’s more people out in the world finally able to address reflux locally, too.

If you can't afford the workshop, please come join the new Baby Reflux Community & App, where you can get an e-copy of 'The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide' along with a LOT of additional tools and resources to help you understand reflux better for just £9.99 per month (you don't have to stay, and it's only £4.99 if you join in November!!!) 

Keep strong! You will get through this.


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