How Can The Baby Reflux Lady Help Me & My Baby?

Working with Aine as the Baby Reflux Coach is different to doctors because she looks for the cause of silent reflux with every baby. What can you expect with you work with her online courses or in person?


I received a message asking if I would guarantee to cure her baby’s reflux with a consultation or course.

I understand the desperation behind this.

I understand that this mother may have already invested (perhaps insane) money with medics, allergists, lactation consultations, dieticians, and whomever else with still no answers. 

And really wants her son to be free from his suffering.

Believe me, I understand.

I understand because this was me.


Trying Things Doesn't Help Baby Reflux

We tried everything: gripe water, Infacol, Colief, Colic Calm, hazel bracelets, holding upright, multiple carriers, bouncers and jumper, organic clothing, organic nappies, every milk on the market, every elimination diet under the sun.

And none of them helped.

Sure, a few seemed to do something, but nothing gave consistent great results day after day. The reason that none of these helped was that they

we're not addressing the underlying cause of my baby’s discomfort and pain.

We invested hundreds, perhaps thousands of pounds, in private doctors, lactation consultants, tongue tie practitioners, sleep consultants, allergists and dieticians, osteopaths and probably more in an effort to understand and help our daughters.

And none of these people were really able to help because none of them had a truly holistic understanding of reflux.

None took a step back from their own niche area of focus to look at the overall picture.

None of them were able to answer the question I kept asking on repeat: “Why is my daughter in pain? What is causing this?

None of them were able to look at what was going on for my daughters and explain WHY they were struggling so much and why the previous person hadn’t been able to help.

This is where my work is incredibly different.


Working with a Baby Reflux Coach is different to working with a doctor...

The way I work with babies with reflux, silent reflux, colic and allergies is to understand everything in detail FIRST. And then make a plan of action.

With nearly ten years of doing this, the understanding takes me about 10 minutes for most babies (when I have all the information laid out in front of me) or an hour or two for the most complex cases.

My background as an engineer taught me to figure out and explain things. I needed to be able to piece things together into a logical form.

I don't tell my clients what to do and expect them to follow it with blind faith. I make sure that parents understand what is causing their baby's reflux, why some symptoms are presenting as they are and what symptoms are related to each other. When I recommend a course of action, it is with the explanation of which symptoms this action is going to address and why so that parents can make the decisions for themselves of what is working and what is not.

I do not expect parents to try things for 2-6 weeks before making a judgment call.

With the vast majority of things, there is going to be noticeable improvement within days, not weeks. 

And I do not recommend that we continue with things that are either making things worse or not making an observable improvement. What's the point?

As a coach, I teach you what to do. I cannot do it for you.

You must take responsibility for understanding your baby and take the necessary action.


How Can I Help You?

I am only one person, and I cannot meet with all the parents in the world because there are too many, so I am building my online course so that I can teach YOU this process as a parent… what are you looking for? And the online courses will help 80-90% of babies.

My professional training programmes teach my students to do exactly what I do and how I do it by really understanding reflux from the ground up, which includes really important building blocks of anatomy, physiology and how to read and interpret each symptom individually and as a pattern. If you're interested, you don't need a background in health or children, just a desire to make a difference, you can read more about these trainings here.


How Do Online Courses Differ from 1:1 Support?

The process for working with all clients is the same.

The biggest differences are:

  1. the online course is the fastest because it does not rely on my availability when you're also available; it's available on demand from the moment that you enrol.
  2. 1:1 consultations are the most tailored solution where you get your brain applied to your baby's specific circumstances. And is most relevant for babies with more extreme or complex reflux, those other things that need more thought and focus to unravel. Or where, as a parent, you just want me to give you the answer.


Figuring out reflux is like a journey; if we want to go somewhere, we must know the destination, AND crucially, where we are starting from. If I say, "Let's meet in London", then depending on where you're coming from, you might need to go in a completely different direction than me. If I'm starting in Paris, then I need to go northwest to get to London. If I tell you to go northwest without knowing where you are, then you could end up going in the wrong direction completely. Like if you are in New York, then heading northwest will only bring you to Canada and never get you to London.

So, the reflux journey is a stepped process, with "Reflux Free" being our common destination.

The first thing we must do for a journey is to know our starting point, and we do this by gathering our bearings; then, with our known destination, we map out our journey (the plan of action), and then we start moving in that direction (taking the actions). No doubt, as with many journeys, there can be diversions or delays on the route, and so we often pause to replan from where we now are.

This is all part of a journey, and this is what we do to get your baby to destination Reflux Free.

The process is the same whether you choose an online course or 1:1 and goes something like this: 


Step 1: Information Gathering: Getting Your Bearings

  • For this, everyone completes an online questionnaire (or downloaded version if you prefer for the online course) to capture all of your baby's symptoms right now.
  • If you're working with me in a 1:1 capacity, I also request:
    • a few short videos of your baby
    • detailed food and symptom diaries

so that I can get a real feel for what life is like for you


Step 2: Figure out the starting point

With the online courses, you take the information you captured in Step 1 and understand what it means. I have created a recorded workshop where I teach you how to read your baby's symptoms, what they mean, and if particular groupings of symptoms appear, what these mean.

With 1:1 support, I do this. I take time before our online consultation to go through all the information that you send over (I request this at least 12 hours before our call so that I can have the appropriate time to prepare for our call). 


Step 3: Create a Plan of Action: Map out the Journey

I make the broad assumption that the destination is reflux-free for all my clients. Or as close to it as possible.

Within the online course, I explain what actions to take depending on what is going on for your baby based on the symptoms that we have figured out in Step 2. Where appropriate, there is lots of additional information and mini-classes to watch depending on what is required. For example, I might recommend lots of oral play. Then, you will watch the oral play course for further information to know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and what to expect with your baby or changing your diet as a breastfeeding parent so you dive into the dietary trial and masterclass. All of these additional classes are included within the Reflux Free Baby System (often called the "workshop")

In 1:1 consultations, I'm really specific with you. I explain what I observe is going on for your baby based on the information you've provided. If there are nuances and tweaks, we get into a conversation because sometimes the questionnaire doesn't allow for all the details. We create a plan for your baby; I ensure that you understand what I'm recommending, why I'm recommending it, and what you can realistically expect.

You are the expert in your baby, and I'm an expert in reflux; this is about creating a plan of action together.

This process is about putting you in control and giving you the knowledge and confidence to take these actions.


Step 4: Take the Action: Take the Journey

We can make all the plans and recommendations in the world, which ultimately are useless unless we implement them, do them, and take action.

I can never be responsible for the actions that any other human will take, and this is the biggest reason that I will never offer a guarantee on my services. I'm not with you. I'm not in your home in the middle of the night. I'm not your baby.

This is up to you.

You are the one who must decide if you agree with the recommendations and if you're going to act on them.

You are the one who must take the journey.

This is about you and your baby.

This is why I'm a coach. I help and support, but I cannot do the doing.

All clients, either within the online courses or in 1:1 consultations, get access to all the courses. Why? Because I don't know what diversions will be on your journey. So I've put everything in there! You are unlikely to need everything, however, there are lots and lots that some people might need.

I want you to have the best opportunity to understand that your observations are key; your baby's real-life experience is all you need to trust and manage.

Do the things that work, and don't persist with things that don't or make things worse.

I would encourage you to apply this last statement to reflux medications (there may be certain circumstances when some medications are required, and as parents, it is your job to fully appreciate what's needed, why it's needed, and the benefits of any course of action).


What Guarantee Can I Give That I'll Cure Your Baby's Reflux?

I can never say with a 100% guarantee what is going on for a baby because we don’t do tests to figure it out, and I don’t believe we need to… your baby is telling you everything you need to know, I have the skills to connect the dots for you so that you can see the picture for yourself.


Resolving reflux is not curing reflux because reflux is not a disease. It’s a symptom. It NEVER happens on its own.


A headache isn’t just a headache, and so different things will help different types of headache… we have to understand the cause more first… is there sharp pain behind the eyes with photosensitivity? Yes?

Likely a migraine, prescription - dark room and quiet until it passes.

Was there a recent head injury?

Yes? recommend a visit to the hospital to check out. Is there a fever with other illness signs?…

Just like “headache” is not a disease, it’s a symptom. Reflux is not a disease. It’s a symptom. And when we start to reframe it like this, we get a much better and faster understanding and results.

I would love to teach you how to understand your baby’s struggles so that YOU can change your family’s experience.

You have to be willing to learn.


So what next?

If you are ready to really understand your baby's reflux, figure out your plan and then take action, the Reflux Free Baby System is the answer. Click here to enrol right now. This also includes an oral play course, a breastfeeding masterclass, a weaning course, and a solids course (if your baby is older and already established on solids), as well as the all-important workshop.

If you really want 1:1 help, click here to book time in my diary.


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