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Baby reflux affects so many families around the world. On this page you will find other Baby Reflux Ladies qualified to help you understand what is going on for your baby, and what you can do to help them.

Áine Homer

Founder of The Baby Reflux Lady, Áine has a deep passion for finding the underlying cause each and every time, and helping you and your baby back to finding the joy and happiness in parenting.

All of Áine's appointments are via video conference.

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All Baby Reflux Ladies are trained by Aine Homer in how to assess and work with babies with reflux. They have completed the accredited and certified Certificate in Baby Reflux course to ensure they bring the highest standards to you.

Cheryl Higgins

Sleep consultant, baby massage and baby yoga teacher, newborn nurture expert

I empower parents through support, guidance and advice on all things baby - my areas of specialism are sleep, the 4th trimester, routines, reflux, teething and weaning.

Cheryl provides in-person and online support.

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Amanda Whittaker

Sleep Consultant

I was labelled as a 'worried first time mum'. I dreaded getting those funny looks from other mums that say “why can't you make your baby stop crying?” and lived in a constant feeling of guilt; guilty that I didn't know why my son was crying all the time and guilty of not knowing how to help him. 

I didn't enjoy the first months of my son’s life because reflux took over, and so I am determined to not have any other parents feel that way.

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Shelley Wilson

Midwife, Lactation Consultant, Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Instructor

I can help by hearing their voice and listening to their pain. By working through the symptoms I can restore peace to the family and reduce stress

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Alternatively, if you want online help through the Baby Reflux Lady ecourses, please go here to see how we can help.