Baby reflux affects too many families around the world,
and it's my mission to put an end to it!

On this page you will find other Baby Reflux Ladies qualified to help you understand what is going on for your baby, and what you can do to help them.

The Baby Reflux Ladies are a community of ladies who have successfully completed the Certificate in Baby Reflux, the world's most in-depth training on baby reflux.

All of our holistic practitioners are certified and insured, and uphold the high ethical standards required to be a Baby Reflux Lady.

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Baby Reflux Ladies serve the world when it comes to helping your baby and you be free from reflux.
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Áine Homer
The Baby Reflux Lady

The Baby Reflux Lady & Nutritionist
"As the founder and original Baby Reflux Lady, I have a deep passion for finding the underlying cause of baby reflux each and every time. I'm here to help you and your baby finally conquer discomfort and find the joy and happiness in parenting!"

All appointments are via video conference meaning you can get the support you need no matter where you are in the world.

Work with the original Baby Reflux Lady

Stacey Atherton

Midwife, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Lactation Specialist & Baby Reflux Lady
Warrington, England

“As a Midwife and Mum myself, I love all things to do with pregnancy, birth, and the 4th trimester. However, my true passion lies in helping couples during the transition into parenthood. This all stems from my own experience of motherhood and the challenges I faced… Now I have a deep desire to share what I’ve since learned with other families and support them to find the root cause of their baby's discomfort so they can fully enjoy this precious time with their baby.”

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Rebecca Barton

Babywearing Consultant & Baby Reflux Lady
Staffordshire, England

"At Cuddle Me Up Slings we see so many families looking for a baby carrier or sling as a coping strategy for reflux. So it was a natural step to become a Baby Reflux Lady to be able to support families with more tailored and specialised advice. We are all about supporting and empowering families with you and your baby at the centre of your parenting journey."

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Lynette Beard

Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) & Baby Reflux Lady
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“With over 10 years of experience working with moms and babies, I'm the go-to-gal for all things breastfeeding, bottle feeding, reflux, and tongue ties in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I provide expert support, helping parents feel empowered and supported in their feeding journey.”

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Charlotte Daly



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Cheryl Higgins

Sleep Consultant, Baby massage & Yoga, Newborn Nurture Expert
Leicester, England

“I’ve worked with babies and young children for over 25 years, as a nanny and maternity nurse, and am also a qualified baby massage and baby yoga teacher, a sleep consultant and newborn nurture expert. I own and run SootheBaby, which supports mum and baby wellness, and have had so many babies with reflux come through my work, I wanted to be able to up my game and support them at a higher level. Now as a Certified Baby Reflux Lady, I am able to do that too!”

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Faye Higton

Nurse & Baby Reflux Lady
Manchester, England

“I am you. I've been there. I can help. Mum of a baby who HAD reflux, registered medical professional and now Certified Infant Reflux Specialist. I've sat through the endless amounts of scrolling through google at 3am looking for the answer. I wasn't happy with it's JUST colic or it's JUST reflux... or "they'll grow out of it". Neither should you be. I'm in this position to help parents of babies with reflux because I've lived it and I believe no one should have to just put up with it. I am you. I can help!”

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Jenny Parkes

Baby Massage, Baby Yoga Instructor & Baby Reflux Lady
St Margaret's, London, England

“I've been working with babies and children for nineteen years now, and having had two babies myself, I understand how reflux, colic, and other digestive difficulties, can impact on what should be a
wonderful time as a family. Through a holistic approach, I help families to work through their baby's reflux issues and get to the bottom of what's going on. In addition to my massage and yoga work, I can  offer a tailored programme to help you, your family and your baby.”

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Jennifer Pritchard

Sleep Coach & Baby Reflux Lady
Glasgow, Scotland

“I help parents of newborns to preschoolers who are exhausted, struggling and have no one to turn to for support. I provide you with confidence, tools, and knowledge to solve your little one’s sleep and/or reflux challenges. I achieve this with an in-depth understanding of your little ones' symptoms and causes of these. You no longer need to be frustrated or confused or feel like you can’t ask for help with your little one’s sleep and/or reflux challenges - you can. I will be there to hold your hand and support you towards reaching the goal of having a happy, well-rested family.”

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Harriette Robinson

Massage Therapist, Child and Baby Massage Instructor & Baby Reflux Lady
Aberdeen, Scotland

"As a Massage Therapist and Child and Baby Massage Instructor I've seen first hand how upsetting it can be for babies suffering with reflux.

I'm here to listen to, support and empower parents by sharing knowledge and expertise which will bring relief.

Together we will work through your baby's symptoms and uncover the root cause of their reflux and find the answers you've been looking for."

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Lillie Stewart

Personal trainer, Nutritionist, and Wellness Coach & Baby Reflux Lady
Kildare, Ireland

“Reflux robbed my partner and I of the first 5 months our daughters life. Once I found out the right way to resolve her reflux, without medication, we had a new baby. Happy, smiling, sleeping and pain free! It was a whole new world, we both felt like we had come out of an endless fog. This lit a fire inside me to help other struggling parents so I signed up to become a Baby Reflux Lady.

The solutions are there, your baby can be that bundle of joy you expected, and I am here to help your family get there.”

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Sophie Wright

Freedom Fertility Formula™ Specialist & Baby Reflux Lady
Huddersfield, UK

"As a new Mum, having a baby with silent reflux was hideously challenging. I know what YOU want, because I wanted it too. ALL I wanted was to be able to ease my baby’s suffering. Instead, we lived through six months of appointments with midwives, paediatricians, an osteopath, a lactaction consultant and a naturopathic physician! And even after seeing ALL these experts never truly got an answer for what it was that was causing my son’s discomfort. Parents should not have to go through a whole variety of trial and error before they find something that works to help their little one. I will look holistically at what is going on for your baby and support you in tackling the root cause of their reflux."

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