Baby reflux affects too many families around the world,
and it's my mission to put an end to it!

On this page you will find other Baby Reflux Ladies qualified to help you understand what is going on for your baby, and what you can do to help them.

The Baby Reflux Ladies are a community of ladies who have successfully completed the Certificate in Baby Reflux, the world's most in-depth training on baby reflux.

All of our holistic practitioners are certified and insured, and uphold the high ethical standards required to be a Baby Reflux Lady.

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Áine Homer
The Baby Reflux Lady

As the founder and original Baby Reflux Lady, I have a deep passion for finding the underlying cause of baby reflux each and every time. I'm here to help you and your baby finally conquer discomfort and find the joy and happiness in parenting!

All appointments are via video conference meaning I can support you no matter where you are in the world.

Work with the original Baby Reflux Lady

Cheryl Higgins

Sleep consultant, baby massage & baby yoga teacher and newborn nurture expert

Cheryl has worked with babies and young children for over 25 years, as a nanny and maternity nurse. ⁣⁠

And that's not all!
She’s also qualified as a baby massage and baby yoga teacher, a sleep consultant and newborn nurture expert.⁣⁠

She owns and runs SootheBaby, which supports mum and baby wellness, and she has had so many babies with reflux come through her work, she wanted to be able to up her game and support them at a higher level.⁣⁠ Which she now does.

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Amanda Whittaker

Sleep Consultant

Early in motherhood, Amanda was labelled as a 'worried first time mum'. She had anxiety about taking my son out when he would need a feed as she knew he would spew everywhere.⁣⁠
She dreaded getting those funny looks from other mums and people that say “why can't you make your baby stop crying?”

Not only is Amanda a Baby Reflux Lady, she is also an amazing Sleep Consultant andbcan help you understand why your baby is crying, in pain or uncomfortable, and give you the tools to help you resolve this.

She will listen to you, support your, believe you and guide you through helping your little one. ⁣⁠

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Shelley Wilson

Midwife, Lactation Consultant, Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Instructor

Shelley’s superpowers lie in her compassion, she really hears what her clients say, validates their concerns and then chooses the appropriate course of action to support them through their struggles to a happier family, happier mum and happier baby.

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Harriette Robinson

Massage Therapist and Child & Baby Massage Instructor

As a Massage Therapist and Child and Baby Massage Instructor Harriette has seen first hand just how upsetting it can be for babies suffering with reflux.

She is here to listen to, support and empower parents by sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Together you will work through your baby's symptoms and uncover the root cause of their reflux and find the answers you've been looking for.

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