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Twice a month, LIVE group Q&A calls with Áine.

The most cost-effective way to get Áine's personal opinion on your baby's reflux and what to do next.

If you cannot join the call live, you can post your question beforehand, and because they are recorded, Áine will answer your question and then you can watch it back on the replay!

The most budget-friendly way to get Áine's direct help for your baby's journey through reflux.


Note: Price Increase coming for 2024 to £30/month. If you enrol now, you keep the £19.99/month for as long as you stay.


Reflux Clinic Call dates for 34/24:

  • Friday 15th December 11:00am GMT 
  • Monday 8th January 2024 11:00am GMT

  • Monday 22nd January 11:00am GMT

  • Monday 5th February 11:00am GMT

  • Monday 26th February 11:00am BST

  • Monday 11th March 11:00am GMT

  • Monday 25th March 11:00am GMT

  • Monday 15th April 11:00am BST

  • Monday 29th April 11:00am BST

  • Monday 13th May 11:00am BST

  • Monday 27th May 11:00am BST

  • Monday 10th June 11:00am BST

  • Monday 24th June 11:00am BST

  • Monday 8th July 11:00am BST

  • Monday 22nd July 11:00am BST

  • Monday 12th August 11:00am BST

  • Monday 26th August 11:00am BST

  • Monday 9th September 11:00am BST

  • Monday 23rd September 11:00am BST

  • Monday 14th October 11:00am BST

  • Monday 28th October 11:00am GMT

  • Monday 11th November 11:00am GMT

  • Monday 25th November 11:00am GMT

  • Monday 9th December 11:00am GMT

  • Monday 19th December 11:00am GMT


The Baby Clinic also contains a massive library of content designed to help you understand what reflux, silent reflux and colic really are, and an incredible toolkit to help you start really understanding reflux, AND includes your own e-copy of The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide!




The Reflux Toolkit

When you make the commitment to invest in your baby and seek professional support, we want to provide you with more tools to support your journey.

And so, inside, you will also find some incredible bonuses to help you understand your baby's reflux and how you can accelerate the journey through it...


2-Day Breastfeeding Dietary Trial Diet

When all the majority of TED's (total elimination diets) fail to provide consistent improvements, this approach takes 2 days to KNOW if dietary change is a right thing to do. This approach is different because it takes your baby's developing digestive system into account!


Reflux: Sleep & Solids Webinar

54% of babies with reflux get worse with solids rather than better. Parents are frequently told that solids will resolve reflux and more often than not, the don't. This webinar explains why this happens and how you can get the information you need to support your baby.


Food & Symptom Diaries

Get the detailed template of how to keep a proper food and symptom diary that helps you see and figure out the patterns that underpin your baby's reflux on a day-to-day basis. Where the symptoms tracker helps you find your starting point like a town, the food and symptom diaries help you identify the building number and street location, and determine your turn-by-turn navigation.


All for just £20 per month!

With no minimum term! Stay as long or as short as you like!

Hi! I'm Áine Homer,
a.k.a. The Baby Reflux Lady

Between my two daughters we had official diagnoses of colic, reflux, silent reflux, CMPA and other food allergies and intolerances... and no help other than "it's normal" and "you're overly anxious... you' need to calm down first". I dances with PND for three years, from which I escaped the moment I vowed to myself to do everything I could to help others avoid the heartbreak we lived. It gave me a drive to change the world.

My educational background is unusual, and yet it is the reason that I've been able to look at reflux in infants from a completely different frame of reference. 

My first degree was in Mechanical and Materials Engineering from Trinity College Dublin (1999), which taught me that every problem has a solution. And the fastest way to find it is to understand the underlying cause (the technical term we use is "root cause analysis"). And if we have not yet got the solution, then we probably haven't fully understood the causes.

I worked in large bluechip companies for 14 years, as a project manager, and spent the final 5 years working as a complex programme management consultant, working on some of the largest programmes in the UK. 

In 2012 I completed my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, eastern nutrition and moxibustion. The synergies with my engineering background amazed me... here we were learning about the human body as a complex system of systems, and by understanding the systems and pathways of energy, we should always seek the underlying root cause for every patient before treating their symptoms.

And then in 2015 I completed a Diploma in Nutrition for Food Allergies and Intolerances, bringing a deeper understanding of the differences and digestive systems of adults and babies.

My logical background wanted to ground everything I do in science, and so everything is researched, a lot. I've pulled much of the science together in a way that wasn't done before and this is what makes my approach unique. 

Over the last few years I've helped thousands of families understand their babies reflux and colic better so that they could take the decisions they needed to from a place of knowledge rather than simply having to believe doctors that "the medications are the right answer", because these prescriptions and the lack of improvement left them feeling let down and abandoned

Sadly, the medical system teaches future doctors that reflux is "normal". It's common. NOT normal.

However, doctors cannot act on information they do not possess, and while my dream is to get my information into the hands of doctors around the world, I'm not going to wait the average 17 years for things to change as that would be too late for your baby. I'm here now, with tools to provide you to help your baby, if you're ready?


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