... in 10 days (or less)

happy reflux free baby who is able to engage with live and enjoy it

We get it, you don’t believe it’s possible to have a settled, happy baby in just 10 days - you've seen every healthcare professional out there and fallen down countless internet rabbit holes. Please hear us out.

We are not your last resort,

We are your best hope


Get £100 OFF for the month of April PLUS the next 10 enrolments get a month's free access to the Reflux Clinic*

Providing you with 

- The opportunity to ask Áine short specific questions to help you with your baby's trajectory

- Clarity on your baby's cause of reflux if needed

- Pointers on the content within this Framework to focus on.

*The Reflux Clinic calls are held twice monthly live on Zoom. You submit your questions before the all, and the answer will be provided for you from Áine. If you cannot attend live, the calls are recorded and made available to watch on replay for up to 1 month.

> > ENROL NOW < <
baby bring with a possible tongue tie, is this the reason so many babies have reflux?

Your baby...

  • Screams for hours, inconsolably
  • Struggles to feed calmly
  • Cannot be out of your arms, to sleep, to play, to be with anyone else
  • Doesn't sleep longer than 20/30 minutes at a time
  • Hates travelling in the car, screaming the whole journey
  • Constantly vomits, may have problems gaining weight
  • And although you hate to admit it, your baby is hard work.

And you...

  • Hate feeling like you don't know how to soothe them
  • Miss that "baby bubble" others seem to talk about
  • Are now unreliable because baby's poorly and you have to cancel plans
  • Long for social connections, you're feeling too anxious to leave the house
  • Crave the connection and conversations with your partner
  • Desire a chance for intimacy again
  • Would love some freedom back in your life
even at mother and baby yoga classes baby is unsettled and neither you nor them enjoy being out and about

This reflux game makes parenting feel relentless, exhausting and sometimes unbearable.

We get it.


We understand what you're going through because we went through it.

We've worked with thousands of families who go through it, and this is the experience they've had.

You've seen everyone, tried everything, taken advice from everyplace and it's left you feeling more confused than ever.

confused mom holding baby wondering what else she can try next

So far you've tried

  • Changing milks
  • Changing your diet
  • Medications
  • Different bottles
  • Holding baby upright after a feed
  • Tilting their cot
  • Burping more frequently
  • Burping less frequently
  • Lactation consultant, public health nurses, paediatricians, ENT specialists, tongue tie practitioners, bodyworkers, the list goes on

And still, nothing, seems to work. 

The problem is, you haven't had my framework in your corner... until now.


All of the things you've tried so far have lead you here because they haven't worked.


Maybe they worked for a few days, or maybe they have improved things a little, but ultimately, your baby continues to struggle and you're still seeing answers.


Here's why...

  • NONE of them are taking a step back to look at the FULL picture.
  • NONE of them understand the complete reflux landscape.
  • NONE of them see that every baby has a unique underlying cause because they are unique beings and they don't know that there are over 30 things that can cause or contribute to reflux in babies.

You could be doing all the right things, in the wrong order, or not for long enough, and that means you won't be moving your baby to Reflux-Free.


  • You've had to guess at what to do with no plan to follow
  • You haven't had consistent positive results from anything
  • You're desperate to just help your baby, and you've almost given up hope that they can be happy (...psst! please stick around)
  • You might even be starting to silently resent your baby, or becoming a parent as the impact on your life has been so severe
  • You wonder if you're going mad as all the doctors seem to think your baby is fine.


  • You fully understand what is causing your baby's discomfort
  • You have a clear plan that you're following, and as well as knowing what your doing, you know why.
  • You might have seen consistent positive improvements already, and you know why they've happened so you are confident they will continue
  • You feel calm that you have a path out of this
  • You are starting to see your baby, to see past their struggles and see the magical human you have with you



Before we get into the details, take a moment...

(keep scrolling)

Breathe in...

... and let it go...

...you've found the place with the answers you've been looking for... 

...and the solutions for your baby's discomfort. 

Are you ready to move from relentless to relaxed?

From working with tens of thousands of babies around the world over the last decade, Áine has developed a unique framework that helps you to identify what is the unique cause of your baby's discomfort.


The Reflux-Free Framework

The most comprehensive approach to baby reflux available to parents worldwide.

This framework is build on four pillars of information that are required to support every baby through reflux, colic, and allergies.

Starting with the Foundation, we learn what is the cause of your baby's discomfort. 

In Function, we look at all the aspects of your baby's body, how they should work a what might be going on as well as support for you to get them back to their best.

In Feeding we address all the important aspects of milk feeding, breast, formula and bottle, as well as weight gain, and coming soon, tube feeding too.

Finally in Food we look at the choices we make as parents to provide the best support to their developing digestion while minimising the risk of reflux flaring.


You start with the Foundation, the biggest missing piece in all other schools of thought about infant reflux.


No more guessing...


In less than 2 hours, you know what is causing your baby's reflux and have a bespoke plan of action in place.

You also get support for those actions, with explainer videos, downloads and instructions... so that you can navigate this reflux journey successfully, and have your baby reflux-free in 10 days!



Here's What Our Clients Say


Without the foundation the understanding of what is going on for your baby, everything else is just guesswork. 

When you spend time, effort and energy, trying things like changing milks, changing diets (yours and / or baby's), tilting their cot, holding them upright etc... you are doing so in isolation from the knowledge of what is really going on. And if any of the strategies work, you still don't know why it worked, which means on a bad day, you don't know where to turn to.

Believe me, I lived in that space for over a year, not knowing what to do every day literally not knowing what to eat. It's a very tough place to live.



  • Solid understanding of what's going on with their baby's challenges
  • Clear plans of actions with understanding of what is being done and why
  • A sense of calm and control over the situation, as it steadily improves
  • Calmer babies who are able to sleep because they are now comfortable in their bodies
  • Happier parents who understand what was going on, and have a support system to fall back on if reflux flares again
  • Conversations, connections and intimacy returning to your relationship.

Are you ready to have a family life where you can plan and live, enjoy and laugh?


The Baby Reflux Lady™:
Mechanical engineer turned reflux expert, her journey was born from three challenging years of postnatal depression, and led to a mission to transform lives.

Seeking Answers About Reflux
Áine faced countless dismissals from medical professionals about her baby's reflux. She found her baby’s condition was labeled as "normal" or dismissed as “just colicky.”

Determind, Áine drew on her diverse professional background and training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, to seek answers beyond the usual channels.

Serving over 13,000 customers and training 127 professionals,
she aims to share her life-changing knowledge with as many parents as possible. The Baby Reflux Lady™ is Áine’s commitment to liberating millions of babies and parents globally from the misery of reflux.


Get £100 OFF for the month of April PLUS the first 10 enrolments get a personalised Plan of Action* from Áine Homer (value £360)

Providing you with 

- Clarity on your baby's cause of reflux

- Specific actions to take to address their cause

- Pointers on the content within this Framework to focus on.

*The plan will be provided within 5 calendar days of you completing the required questionnaire about your baby's struggles. Details provided via email with 24 hours of enrolling