Baby: Solids & Sleep - Webinar

With 54% of babies experiencing worsening reflux when they start solids, it's more important than ever that we start to understand why this is happening. No baby should suffer on unnecessarily! 

This webinar explains the science and biology behind solids, sleep, and baby reflux. Watch now to have a better understanding, so you can make better choices. 


“I finally GET IT! What now?” 

If you watched this webinar and suddenly understand why your baby is struggling,
now’s the time to make changes which will find them (and you) the relief they need. 

The Reflux Free Baby Weaning Course was developed to give you all the next steps, 
so you know exactly how to make changes, with confidence and ease.

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"Weaning is something I should have been excited about, but having a baby with reflux left me full of dread as I approached weaning age. I signed up to this course and instantly felt relief and empowered to make the best decisions for my baby that would not result in a downwards reflux spiral! I was given information from professionals about weaning that I knew wouldn’t work for my baby and the course reaffirmed my gut instinct and provided me with the right knowledge and understanding to make good food choices for my baby. 

As we go into Week 5 of weaning my baby is loving every mealtime and it has become the fun and exciting part of parenting that I always wanted it to be!"

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