Feeding a Baby with with Reflux and Allergies

Breastfeeding was supposed to be beautiful... So, what do you do when it seems to be making your baby uncomfortable?

It's time to remove the confusion surrounding breastfeeding with reflux & allergies and ensure the most natural thing in the world isn’t making your little ones pain worse!

Le Leche League research shows that anything a mother eats can get into her breastmilk.

Imagine, the one thing triggering your child’s discomfort being passed on through the very source you hope will most help your baby thrive - your breastmilk!

Parenting a baby with reflux is tough enough without having to second guess whether breastfeeding really is the right choice for you and your child.

Switching to formula when it’s not the choice you want to be making can be traumatic, and particularly when what you really need is the right information to make breastfeeding a viable, comfortable option for your baby.

Infant Reflux Specialist, Aine Homer, researching in a book to help parents overcome baby reflux and breastfeeding struggles

I’ve brought together all the information you need to take the holistic approach that will turn your breastfeeding journey around and see your baby’s pain relieved.

Imagine if your breastfeeding experience was completely different...

Imagine, if this time next week, things looked completely different.

Imagine, being confident that your breastmilk would bring nothing but comfort!

Access the 2-hour Reflux Free Breastfeeding Masterclass - Breastfeeding a Baby with Reflux or Allergies today and you will leave with:

An understanding of the complex interaction between your diet and your baby's reflux so you feel better informed to adjust it

✓ How to know if an elimination diet really is the best route to try or if you're wasting your time and energy

✓ Clear guidelines on the safer foods to eat, as well as how and why so you can start seeing changes to your baby’s breastfeeding experience, soon

✓ Confidence in your daily food choices and the knowledge to know what is going on for your baby

✓ A clear path to breastfeeding success over the coming days

Breastfeeding a baby with reflux and CMPA or other allergies can be simpler.

I understand that payment for such courses can be tricky while on maternity leave, which is why we have organised new payment options, there is a small admin fee to pay for the "Buy Now, Pay Later" and "pay in 3 instalment" options.


You’ll save that on any specialist formula you may be thinking about switching to...

Illustration of a baby with reflux breastfeeding to illustrate support provided in this masterclass

"I was demoralised, exhausted, hungry from a ridiculous elimination diet and felt totally out of options.

I took Áine's Breastfeeding Masterclass and discovered some shocking truths.

I had been surviving on food that I was told was safe by doctors but which was probably causing my daughter huge discomfort.

I cut these out immediately and started to track my intake and symptoms and saw a difference in my baby within days!"

- Noor Yakoob

Happy breastfeeding parents after taking the breastfeeding masterclass for supporting babies with reflux

Who is this for?

This breastfeeding masterclass is for any parent looking to understand the complexities of breastfeeding a baby with reflux and allergies and wanting to find out how to ensure breastfeeding will help not hinder their child. This class is for you if:

  • You have tried eliminating foods with some results, yet without consistency of great results.
  • Some days seem worse than others, you're sure its dietary related yet you cannot pinponit exactly what.
  • You want to keep breastfeeding you baby for the moment and you are willing to put in at least 3 dyas effort to see if there really is something that you can change in your diet.

Think of it as an investment into the breastfeeding experience you’ve always dreamed of!