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Baby Reflux can be isolating.

Come join the tribe of like-minded mums who are committed to understanding what is going on for their baby, who believe that there is an answer better than "more medication" and who can support each other in the ups and downs of reflux life, and also offer inspiration and support to keep going when the going gets tough. 

This is also suppered by an online resource area with information on lots of other topics relating to reflux, your baby's journey, your own emotional and mental health, and regular live Q&A sessions with Aine so that you can ask questions of the baby reflux specialist.

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Reflux Free Baby

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Did you know that 54% of babies with reflux experience reflux flares when food is introduced?

This is because the foods they are eating (most of the recommended first foods) are too complex for their naturally immature digestive systems, the foods ferment in their gut, with a knock-on effect of baby having more and more digestive discomfort and pain, bloating, bottom wind 💨 and restless sleep to name a few symptoms.

This ecourse is written to support babies naturally immature digestive systems and to teach you why this approach is sometimes necessary. 

Are you ready...

for your baby to be able to enjoy food without pain and discomfort?

to say goodbye to the stresses of weaning and the associated sleep disruption?


What People Are Saying:

“Your knowledge is my power.... it gave me a feeling of control to which foods are high risk.”


“It works and makes complete sense. Life long health results”

Sarah Keogh