Cut out the confusion and relieve your baby from reflux... for good!


The world's only online workshop that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to understand reflux and find your infant's relief. 

No, baby reflux isn’t normal, and it isn’t harmless. 

It’s not all in your head.  

Your gut instincts are right. 

There is something that needs resolving. 

And there is something you can do about it. 


You need to finally get the answers to your baby reflux questions.  

You’re in the right place!  


No, baby reflux isn’t normal, and it isn’t harmless. 

It’s not all in your head.  

Your gut instincts are right. 

There is something that needs resolving. 

And there is something you can do about it. 


You need to finally get the answers to your baby reflux questions.  

You’re in the right place!  


It’s time to stop going around in circles and being left even more confused about what’s wrong with your baby! 

You are the expert in your baby. 

I am an expert in reflux.  

 Together we can figure out how to resolve your child’s reflux and give them the relief they deserve.  

Imagine a life where your baby isn’t always crying in discomfort... 

Where you finally get the sleep, you need and start experiencing the ‘normal’ happy family life you’ve only dreamed of...  

It is possible.  

know, because I was where you are.  

The days passing by, the nights get eternally longer...  

I remember thinking “Perhaps the doctor was right? Perhaps we just have to wait it out?”  

I realised I couldn’t just let my little one suffer on without looking for another solution. Our children shouldn’t have to endure any more pain!  

And I’m not sure my marriage could have taken much more... 

It’s taken me years of research to fully understand baby reflux and the many reasons it can manifest. Simply because there wasn’t enough information out there for parents like us.  

I don’t want you and your baby to struggle on any longer. 

Which is why I created this online workshop. To give you all the knowledge you need to understand and conquer reflux, for good. Delivered in a format even the most exhausted parents can take in! 

You’ve got it hard enough without having to try to conquer reflux on your own.   

What you’ll get with this workshop... 

  • INSIGHT you’ll wish you had sooner from how all your baby’s symptoms and behaviours are linked to why they’re manifesting in the first place 
  • CONFIDENCE to pinpoint the exact cause of your baby’s discomfort and pain because there’s always an underlying cause of their symptoms 
  • A PLAN OF ACTION based on the specifics of what’s going on with your child. No more generalised advice that will leave you still feeling helpless! 
  • A CHANCE TO BE HEARD in our private Facebook Group dedicated to supporting other parents dealing with the realities of baby reflux 

That’s less than the cost of a night away (you know, the break you desperately need) to be free from the exhaustion and upset of baby reflux night after night... 


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"I attended one of Aine's online workshops and it was super useful, really helped me putting the book into practice for our little guy and is of INCREDIBLE value for money.

I highly recommend Aine's approach and services, all reflux parents need to talk with her!"

- Aurora Van Der Muffinette


Hi! I’m Aine Homer AKA The Baby Reflux Lady...

After 9 months of suffering alongside my daughter, with no answers, being told that I "needed to relax", that "all babies cry" and that I was overprotective, I had no option but to what everyone was saying and stick to my gut instincts.

I knew that my baby's cries of pain for hours on end were not normal. I knew she was trying to tell me something, and as her mum, it was my job to find out.

As a family we have endured baby reflux, twice, and experienced so much of what happens to a family (lack of sleep... breakdown of relationships... loss of self identity, loss of friends who didn't understand, frustrations at well-meaning yet totally unhelpful commentators...)

I was sure there had to be another way. A way which didn’t require trial and error, or playing a guessing game with my daughters health.

I had no option but to take matters into my own hands, and using my experience and knowledge from my Traditional Chinese Medicine training, combined with my engineering "problem-solving" skills, I started to pull pieces together that (eventually) started to make sense.

I found answers.... eventually. 

My eldest daughter was over 9 months old before we really started to get any relief, and I was so grateful for it. My second daughter had a completely different cause for her reflux, however, I knew to keep looking and so she was 4 months old when we had relief.

I wanted to know why my children suffered, and so I spent years researching, learning, consulting professional after professional.

I finally found the reasons, and knew they needed to be made more available to parents, globally.

There are too many myths surrounding baby reflux. Too much confusion and not enough answers.    

With medication only working for a shocking 20% of infants suffering with reflux symptoms. Most mainstream doctors simply don’t have the training in what really causes reflux and how to relieve it. 

Parents like you need the solution to baby reflux, and I’m dedicated to making sure you get it.

I’m here to help give you the clarity and understanding of why your child is suffering - so you can tailor a solution that will provide the relief they deserve, for good.  

I've spent the majority of my time over the last 6 years reading and researching everything I could find on infant reflux. I’ve combined this with my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mechanical Engineering and Nutrition for Food Intolerances and Allergies to come up with a unique and effective approach to resolve reflux and manage allergies - an approach that identifies the cause, first and foremost. 

Your little one can soon be the happy contented baby they long to be! I know because I’ve seen the results with my own children and countless other babies. 


Overcoming baby reflux is a journey. 

I’m here to help you reach your destination of a reflux free baby as quickly as possible.  

The Reflux Free Baby workshop was created to support your baby reflux journey in 3 easy steps: 

Step 1: Find out where you are

The first step to resolving reflux issues is to get a clear understanding of where your baby is at. What symptoms and behaviours are they showing? 

You’ll start with a printable Symptom Tracker to record all your baby’s symptoms then, in a guided online workshop, you’ll be taught how to read their symptoms as a pattern that indicates the cause that needs treating. 

value £100

Step 2: Plan your direction

With knowledge of the symptoms your baby is showing, you’ll be better placed to understand what route to take to resolve their specific underlying issues. 

While this may involve other specialists, you’ll be given a number of things to do so you can start on your journey immediately. You’ll finally know the best action to take! 



value £100

Step 3: Move towards a Reflux Free Baby

Now you’ll know what action to take, you’ll be off! Invariably though, the route may throw up blocked roads and diversions...

Which is why this workshop comes with BONUS support from specialists to help with Coping Strategies, Reducing Air Intake, Sleep Tips for Parents, Probiotics for Reflux and more.



value £160

Value £360 + bonuses, yours for only £99.

We’re covering it all, so you don’t need to worry even when the road is bumpy. 

You can expect to see positive changes in your baby before your next paediatric appointment! 


That’s only a little more than an Amazon Prime membership for the convenience of finally having a content, manageable baby!


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You’ll come away from the Reflux Free Baby workshop with: 

  • A deep understanding of baby reflux and why the advice you’ve received so far isn’t working 
  • The know-how to pinpoint and address the underlying cause of your child’s reflux symptoms 
  • More confidence and compassion in yourself as a parent, because you’re doing a great job and their discomfort isn’t your fault!
  • A path to take to finally get more sleep (and protect your sanity) 
  • Tips, tricks and ideas to make coping with a reflux baby easier in the short term, as you learn to conquer it for good!  
  • Reassurance you’re not alone and your gut instincts were right 

Just think, you’ll cover the cost when you stop buying the endless baby gadgets, sleep aids and wine you currently keep trying to cope with baby reflux... 

This workshop is for you if: 

  • You’re desperate to relieve your baby from their baby reflux and end their pain 
  • You’re sick of having to explain yourself to friends, family and doctors who never truly understand what it’s like to parent a baby with reflux
  • You’ve searched everywhere for the answers you’re sure must be out there and keep finding conflicting advice on how to deal with the symptoms yet don’t help get to the cause 
  • You breastfeed / bottle-feed your baby - it doesn’t matter how you feed your child 
  • Your baby’s reflux remains unresolved since birth, whether it’s being treated or not, with or without medication 

This workshop is not for you if: 

  • Your baby’s reflux has got worse since starting solids. You might need the Reflux Free Baby Food course instead 
  • You’re OK with ‘getting by’ with baby reflux even though it’s causing you to feel deflated and exhausted... 
  • You’re not ready to enjoy more sleep, stop feeling disheartened and finally get to parent a baby that’s content and comfortable more often than not

A fraction of the cost of working together 1:1, because I believe you’re perfectly positioned to help your child when you have the knowledge you need.

Come away knowing you’ve finally discovered the cause of your baby’s reflux 

There’s no one-size fits all answer to baby reflux. It’s why getting medication for your child’s symptoms is so problematic - it doesn’t deal with each specific underlying issue.  

Causes your child could be dealing with include: 

 tongue tie and latch difficulties, 

 gut immaturity, 

 allergies and intolerances, 

 intestinal blockages and pyloric stenosis, 

 hernias, stomach ulcers and more. 

The Reflux Free Baby has been developed to help you pinpoint and address each specific cause for each individual baby, so you can see results that will last. 

I’m here to help you do the crucial detective work doctors don’t have the time or training to take. 


I can honestly say that I left the workshop feeling so hopeful, feeling like I knew there were answers, I could help my son and to get my family life back together and to start enjoying my son again.

To allow him to be the happy healthy baby he wants to be, through all this he always gave us smiles so it did make it a bit easier.

Aine listened to me and made me feel that things were going to be ok.

I cannot recommend this lady enough. I can finally rest easy knowing my son is going to be ok.

I just want other mothers to know that there is support out there other than medications.

In my sons case, I knew medication was not going to fix his problem, that’s not to say it doesn’t work for other children. It did work for my son but not to the point where I felt he was fully happy and comfortable and everything was under control.

Once again thank you Aine, I will never go a day without being grateful for your help and support.

Love from me and my family XX

- Sophie Louise


As you navigate your way to a reflux free baby, I've also created a set of additional videos of information on:

Coping Strategies

The internet is full of recommendations on how to cope with reflux, except they won’t work for every baby.

In this session, I explain why certain strategies work for some babies and not for others, so that you can understand what is likely to work for your child.

[value £40]

Reducing Air Intake 

Aerophagia (swallowed air) is a major contributing factor to reflux. This webinar focuses on strategies to minimise air intake for your baby so that their reflux is less than it otherwise would be.  

Includes information on dummy use and bottle choice.

[value £40]

Sleep for Parents 

Most things around reflux focus on your baby, this webinar is all about you. If you cannot improve the amount of your sleep at the moment, you should focus on the quality. I share a number of easy-to-implement strategies to improve your sleep and improve your life. 

[value £20]

Probiotics for Reflux

Sometimes these seemingly insignificant drops can have the most powerful effect on our baby's naturally immature digestion.

Learn why, when, and how to use probiotics for your baby.



[value £40]

It's time to stop wondering when the struggle of baby reflux is going to end and start seeing the changes you’ve only dreamed of, as soon as possible.

Get £480 Value for Only £99 - NOW!

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And if that wasn't enough... You'll also get FREE bonus webinars worth £140 from some amazing experts in their fields covering:

Winding Workshop

We are never taught how to wind our babies. Yet it is not as straightforward as you may think. In this workshop Mary Ashton, a maternity nurse of over 20- years experienced gives us her professional tips for winding.

value £25

Sleep for Smalls

The amazing Kerry Secker of Care It Out talks us through establishing routines in the early days, even when things are rough, so that you can really set the foundation for a super sleeping baba!


value £25

Tongue Tie Tips

Physical Therapist Giselle Tadros shows us some super simple and really effective ways to support babies with tongue tie, both before and after a tie revision, in ways that will help release neck tension and tightness.

value £50

Mindful Breastfeeding

Anna Le Grange, the Mindful Breastfeeding Coach provides us with insights, tips and information that will easy the journey of a breastfeeding mothers.



value £40


That's over £600 of value for just £99!

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