Your Thriving Baby: On Milk, Formula and Food!!!

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I’m so excited to let you know about a new project I co-created with Wendi McKenna, DPT, and six other feeding and nutrition experts.

“Your Thriving Baby: On Milk, Formula & Food: From Liquids to Solids to Gut Health, Poop and Behavior, What Goes in Must Come Out,” is a deep-dive masterclass on baby feeding and health that is dedicated to helping you and your baby create ease, freedom, and joy in this season of life.

This is a series of interviews that Wendi has conducted with each of us, asking us the questions that you need answers to to make sure you and your baby have the most amazing life.

After this event, you will understand:

  • You are NOT alone.
  • The “breastaurant” is open, and there is always a way to turn the hardest days around when you know what to do and where to go for support.
  • The beauty and complexity of the Gut Microbiome and what to eat to help it blossom, directly supporting your baby’s development, immune system, and behaviour.
  • The Root of Reflux, relieve your baby’s suffering and drop the unnecessary waiting game by discovering and addressing the cause today.
  • Poop, Poop, and more Poop: what does it all mean?
  • Beyond the controversy and myths of Tongue Ties and into the real signs and symptoms, and what to do about it. Your tongue is truly connected to your big toe!
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Monday 27th July: Start Notestine
RN, BSN, IBCLC, Founder of Baby’s Best Beginning

  • “How do you know breastfeeding is "going well?" It's in the W.A.V.E.S.”
  • When 1 in 3 women have trouble breastfeeding by Day 3, "going well" is subjective.
  • Learn the WAVES method to be sure.

Tuesday 28th July: Aine Homer
Founder of The Baby Reflux Lady

  • “The Root of Baby Reflux: It’s Common but Not Normal, and It Can Be Resolved
  • From infancy to toddlers and older children, reflux is underdiagnosed and misunderstood, but can be CURED with teamwork and investigation. Finally, we can stop the waiting game and help our babies.

Wednesday 29th July: Elissa Arnheim
Certified Fermentologist and Founder of Healthy Gut, Happy Child

  • “The Gut Microbiome: Healthy Belly, Happy Baby, Thriving Family”
  • The gut is our second brain, contributing directly to digestion, neuro-homeostasis, and behavior. What we eat determines what bacteria thrive, a diverse flower garden, creating the hormones and proteins we need for health, or a plot of invasive weeds. We want flowers!

Thursday 30th July: Dr. Alisa Sacker
Pediatrician, IBCLC, Founder of Team Tongue Tie

  • “Trouble with Eating? Let’s Check for Ties!”
  • An in-depth, comprehensive lesson on tongue ties: everyone at risk, what they are, symptoms, consequences, and what to do about it.

Friday 31st July:Katie Clark
CLE, Founder of The Breastfeeding Mama

  • “Support is Best: Creating Your Winning Breastfeeding Team”
  • With so much conflicting information and "bad" advice, here’s the information, the resources, and people you need on your team to maximize your success.
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