Certificate in Baby Reflux

12 monthly payments of £300.00 GBP

ūü•≥ WOOHOO!!!¬†ūü•≥

I'm SO excited you're saying 'YES'!

Yes - to starting a niche of Reflux Specialists. A niche for which there is incredibly high demand and incredibly low supply. And if you know anything about economics, this is a great place to be entering a market from!

I'm delighted to support you in growing this business, and resolving reflux for so many more children around you, your town, your county, the country and the world! Because yes, business really is global these days.

And I'm SO excited that you're going to join me!

Here's a quick reminder of what you'll get:

  1. Certificate in Baby Reflux course: The R|E|F|L|U|X Solution
  2. Six weekly Group Calls to support learning and understanding (worth £1,200)
  3. Ongoing Support in Private Facebook Group
  4. Four Months Post Graduate Support Membership (worth £1,600)
  5. £500 Voucher towards Diploma level qualification

  6. Starters Guide to Moving your Business Online

With the Certificate in Baby Reflux you will:

  • Have clarity of understanding on what reflux is and is not
  • Know when the doctor¬†MUST¬†be involved
  • Be able to decipher every baby's symptoms to identify the cause of their reflux and discomfort
  • Evaluate symptoms to determine the best course of action for each baby
  • Be able to create unique plan of action for each baby based on their specific symptoms
  • Critical understanding of how the medications work and don't work, how to support your clients in conversations with their paediatricians, doctors and other medical professionals
  • Change families lives, quickly and effectively
  • Be¬†a¬†Go-To Certified Reflux Specialist¬†
  • Build Your Own Business on Your Terms

Join the Infant Reflux Revolution of Like-Minded Professionals Working Together to Improve Support for Babies with Reflux And Their Families

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