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Three Truths that All Postnatal Professionals Should Know About Baby Reflux

Are you a postnatal or fourth trimester professional who works with unsettled and uncomfortable babies? Join me to find out why your gut instinct about baby reflux is RIGHT and what you  can do to finally support the families that  are struggling! 

If you know that the current approach to infant reflux is damaging the long term health of your client's children...

If you know that there must be a better way but lack the language and evidence to support your gut instincts...

If you recognise that the long term of health of an individual starts in infancy and we need to change the support we provide to babies...

This webinar is for you!


The Truths You Will Learn:

Truth 1:

Infant Reflux Is Not Normal

Truth 2:

Ignoring infant pain is doing babies damage

Truth 3:

Reflux medications aren't always safe


 The current medical approach to reflux includes:

👎 ignoring mums actual experiences

👎 telling parents their baby’s struggles & sufferings are normal

👎 medicating with drugs that are not proven safe for use in this paediatric population

👎 undermining the lifelong health of these infants from the early days

Join me to explore these issues and start to look at a better way of supporting babies to be pain free - providing them with a greater foundation for childhood and beyond!