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Colic, Reflux and Allergies

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reflux medications guide: gaviscon, omeprazole, PPI

Interactive Medications Guide

Breastfeeding Dietary Trial

Baby Calming Script

Reflux: Sleep & Solids Webinar

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massive searchable library of content designed to help you understand what reflux, silent reflux and colic really are; and a vast amount of information on simple things like teething, dummy use, probiotics and more.

This library contains video and text content to help you understand reflux, silent reflux, colic, allergies (including CMPA) a lot more so that you can start to help your baby sooner.

PLUS there's more added every month!

What clients say...

When Doctors Don't Know the Answer, Parents Need to 

The biggest challenge we face as parents is the lack of good evidence based information available around infant reflux, silent reflux, colic and allergies (including CMPA).

How many times have you heard any of the following from people you trusted for support?

  • Is this your first baby?
  • Reflux is normal
  • Your baby will grow out of it
  • Stop breastfeeding, they are allergic to your milk
  • You need to get used to infants crying, that's what they do
  • In my day we just called it a sicky baby and got on with it.If you would just feed him a bit less...

  • If you would just be a bit stricter

  • He just needs to eat, he’s hungry

And none of these are helpful, from anyone... 

babies crying with colic, reflux and silent reflux
Get Access only £10

Interactive Medications Guide

If you've ever struggled to work out whether reflux medication is the right choice for your baby The Interactive Guide to Reflux Medications was created to help you get informed...

Discover the medication questions you didn't know you should ask your doctor (and their answers) so you can make a confident decision that's right for your child.

medications icon for those on medications for reflux including Gaviscon, omeprazole and Nexium

With access to this Guide, you will:

  • Find reassurance finally, get the questions you know you should ask, and simply don't have the headspace to figure out
  • Understand how all the different reflux medications work because there are so many, and it's difficult to know what to choose between.
  • Discover the reflux symptoms that could actually be side effects of the medications so that you can tell if they are from your baby or from the medications
  • Position yourself with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your baby and their health
Breastfeeding a baby with reflux, CMPA and allergies is difficult, this TED elimination diet trial gives faster results than anything else

Breastfeeding Dietary Trial

2 days is all it takes

Do you think that there might be something in your diet that your baby is reacting to, but then again, you're not sure?

Maybe you've cut out the top 10 allergens and it's made a difference, but not consistent, and things are not fully right?

I don't believe in anyone being on a restricted diet if it's not working. And there is no other elimination that takes into account the natural development of your baby's digestive system.

With access to this diet, you will:

  • Have a clear list of food to choose from for 2 days, because that is all it takes to see change 
  • KNOW if dietary change is what is going to help your baby, two days might not be long enough to get completely clear of irritants, however, it's long enough to see noticeable changes to know if it's worth pursuing
  • Have confidence and clarity that ongoing dietary change is something to pursue or not. No more guessing needed 

Reflux: Sleep & Solids Webinar

Solids were supposed to make things better were they not?

Why is it that 54% of babies with reflux get worse with solids, and not better?

Truth be told, it is often the foods, which are all over the internet as "best first foods", are not actually the best first foods for many babies as they don't respect the natural development of their digestive system.

medications icon for those on medications for reflux including Gaviscon, omeprazole and Nexium

With access to this webinar, you will:

  • Learn why the general approach to solids isn't helping a lot of babies 
  • Understand that the digestive development of infants is pivotal in allowing babies to sleep comfortably
  • Discover the best way to support your baby so that they don't have to continue suffering and you can finally get a good night's sleep.
Aine Homer, the baby reflux lady

Hi! I'm Aine Homer, a.k.a. The Baby Reflux Lady

With two girls who between them had colic, reflux, silent reflux, CMPA and other food allergies and intolerances, and a date with PND that lasted for three years, I had a drive to find better answers for you.

My background is Mechanical Engineering, complex Project Management and Consulting (to fix broken projects!) and Traditional Chinese Medicine. While these might look unconnected, they ALL focus on ONE THING: Finding the Root Cause Of Every Problem. Because when we find the root cause we have a far better chance of taking specific action that will create a cascade of positive impact.

My logical background wanted to ground everything I do in science, and so everything is researched, a lot. I've pulled much of the science together in a way that wasn't done before and this is what makes my approach unique. 

Over the last few years I've helped thousands of families understand their babies reflux and colic better so that they could take the decisions they needed to from a place of knowledge rather than simply having to believe doctors that "the medications are the right answer", because these prescriptions and the lack of improvement left them feeling let down and abandoned

Sadly, the medical system teaches future doctors that reflux is "normal". It's common. NOT normal.

However, doctors cannot act on information they do not possess, and while my dream is to get my information into the hands of doctors around the world, I'm not going to wait the average 17 years for things to change as that would be too late for your baby. I'm here now, with tools to provide you to help your baby, if you're ready?

Accessed through... 

Downloadable food and symptom diaries to help you understand what the cause of your baby's silent reflux and cmpa is


Your Reflux FAQ for colic, silent reflux and CMPA in newborn and breastfed baby

Reflux FAQs

Mini courses to help education you about silent reflux and reflux in breastfeeding and formula and bottle feeding babies with colic reflux and cmpa

Mini Courses

find other parents mums and dads who are struggling as PND is so common, we must support each other through reflux and cmpa


All of this content is offered through our online portal so that you can listen, read and learn about topics that you're interested in, allowing you to focus on what is relevant to your baby right now. It's also available through out partner app so that you can stay focussed on what you want to learn and not dance with social media in the wee hours of the night!

The content library is growing all the time and we will add announcements to the group when we do.