Baby: Solids & Sleep
(Webinar Replay)

Every parent wants to know their baby is getting deep, restorative sleep. Sadly, reflux and sleep don't usually go hand-in-hand! For example

  • Does your baby sleep restlessly? 
  • Do they do laps of their cot all night?
  • Do they prefer to sleep on their tummy or with their legs curled up under them?
  • Did things seem to get worse with, or shortly after, starting solids?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then your little one’s tummy might be under pressure digesting the food they are eating. 

In fact, food causes reflux to flare in 54% of babies! 

Thankfully you're in the right place! The Reflux: Solids & Sleep Webinar will teach you why food is causing an issue and what you can do to help your restless sleeper.

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