Doctors Don't Know Everything About Reflux

Actually, what they know is quite limited and won't help your baby...

In all honesty, your doctor, health visitor, midwife and even paediatrician doesn't know how to really help your baby's reflux.

I know, I know. There’s going to be lots of you reading this thinking “how could you say that?” My doctor helped us? Or… I’m a doctor and I know everything about reflux.

The truth is however that there are far more of you reading this that are thinking “Yup. She’s right.” 

I am not against doctors. They are very clever and very nice people.

Yet they do not know everything. In fact, none of us do.

No-one knows everything about anything.

Not even you, about yourself.

And when it comes to reflux, our doctors (in general) really don’t know a lot at all.

And give credit to them, doctors have to know a lot about a lot.

Yet we expect them to know more.

How can we know what we have not learned?

Doctors are taught that reflux is normal. And that it should be medicated using the Stepped Approach (See my stories for info on this).

Most doctors do not see reflux as a symptom, but have been taught that it is a disease.

However reflux is a symptom. Always. It wasn’t my discovery, this is a fact. There is no underlying pathology for reflux, there is always something going on that causes it to happen, it is a symptom. 

Our doctors are not supported to ask the five levels of Why. I suspect they don’t even have the time to ask the first level. The guidelines they have to work within are restrictive and prescriptive. Doctors are supposes to follow the guidelines and not go outside of them much.

The ultimate answers you will get from most doctors, paediatricians and health visitors will be one of medication, medication, medication. Yet that is not going to “fix” your baby, because what the medications do does not address the cause of reflux. 

I’ve tons of information on this, coming which you want to read more about...

The NICE Guidelines are a sort of "rule book" that GP's in the UK are supposed to follow in treating any particular condition. For reflux in infants and children, the video below summaries the "Stepped Approach" to care that is recommended.


The stepped approach assumes that the only management for reflux is to fix it with a pill or wait until baby grows out of it, with all the crying, pain, discomfort and emotional distress that comes with that.

I'm calling time on that.

Reflux is a symptom, not a disease. I've written more about the cuases of reflux and how the medications work so that you can have better information at your fingertips when making decisions on behalf of your baby. Select which you want to read more about...

Causes of Reflux

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