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The Signs Your Baby is in Discomfort when Weaning

Weaning has long been suggested as ‘the’ magic cure of reflux for many babies. You’ve probably heard it from at least one well-meaning family member or less-than-informed health visitor...

The truth is, if weaning your baby is not approached with the immaturity of their...

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5 Signs Your Baby has a Food Allergy or Intolerance

Cow's Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) appears to be on the increase, but it's not the only allergy affecting our children. 

Our culture, our modern society and our modern medicine have stopped us paying attention to what is in front of us - the most obvious of signs and symptoms of food...

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How to wean your baby off reflux medications

In short... With the guidance of their prescribing doctor.

Note: I’m deliberately avoiding using drug names in this blog because google won’t show you this blog if I do. This information is in relation to the medication classes of H2RA's and PPI's and does not apply to alginate...

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Reflux & Baby's Immature Digestive System

Do you accept that your baby is born immature?

I mean, they cannot walk, they cannot talk, they can't even see properly at first. And it take quite some time for these skills, and others to develop. 


And we accept that the invisible stuff is also immature - like their emotional...

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