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I can "breastfeed my baby without medication and without feeling like I am poisoning him"

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2018

Thomas was 7 months old when his mum started working with me.  She was at her wits end, and had stopped trying to give Thomas solids because it was making his reflux so much worse.

Thomas’ ongoing suffering was unbearable, he would spit up a lot, vomit after feeds (which was often green or yellow), had choking spells and sleep apnoea.  He would literally stop breathing in his sleep.


He wouldn’t, couldn’t sleep properly.  Rarely would he sleep for more than 40 minutes, and when he was up in the night, it could take up to an hour to help him settle again.

He had a blocked nose, congestion and difficulty breathing.  Like he had always had a cold, and sometimes he would have such difficulty breathing he would turn blue.


Thomas also suffered with tummy ache, a lot.  He had acid-smelling breath, a bloated and swollen tummy, constantly constipated, which was really bad and painful, green pooh when it happened and he suffered terribly with painful gas and trapped wind. And poor Thomas would cry all the time. Eleanor felt “powerless to make him feel well”.


Thomas wanted to be a happy baby but life just wasn’t letting him be.


Eleanor, meanwhile, also had to look after her other child, and was running herself into the ground. But she had no other option.  With her husband needing to be able to function, and work, as well as take the kids for a little bit in the morning so that Eleanor could get some precious child-free sleep.

Only 3 times in 6 months did Eleanor and Thomas experience a night where Thomas didn’t wake within 40 minutes of being put down.


Sometimes, it has appeared to Eleanor that her breastmilk was making Thomas vomit. So much so that she feels “like I am poisoning him”…  As a mum, Eleanor takes pride and responsibility in ensuring her own and her children’s well-being, and she was very clearly feeling like she was failing.  She was anxious, overwhelmed and struggling not to lose her temper with her family.  On top of this, she frequently worried that Thomas’s crying would wake the neighbours!

When I asked her what would be the greatest change for her she wrote:


“Regular bowel movements for Thomas without constant uncomfortable wind and vomiting. Normal breathing for Thomas. Not being awake at night with discomfort.”


Eleanor was the ideal client.  She listened and understood my approach and she was willing to do anything to support her baby.


We knew how bad things were, so Eleanor immediately started on my elimination diet which aims to get baby to a Place of Great as quickly as possible.  In Thomas’s case, the changes were virtually immediate with his first ever sleep through the night with no wind or discomfort on the second night of Eleanor’s elimination diet.


Gradually Eleanor rebuilt her diet.  We confirmed eggs as the culprit in Thomas’s breathing difficulties and many other foods along the way as food that were causing wind, gas and bloating, which lead to disrupted sleep.


I taught Eleanor how to read Thomas’ symptoms and responses and to trust her observations along the way. With my protocol of foods that are safe for baby to digest Eleanor and the family went on a foreign holiday and as she was armed with her knowledge of how food interacted with her body and then Thomas’s she got to enjoy it.


By day 10 or our relationship, Thomas was experiencing only four different symptoms infrequently during the day.  He was sleeping longer consistently and a happier little man.


At the end of 6 weeks, Thomas was sleeping from 8pm until 5am almost every night.  Eleanor has a deep understanding of how important her food choices have been for her baby and Thomas has no constipation, no vomiting and has started enjoying food himself too. All in a safe way that minimises the flare ups from reflux.


This is what Eleanor had to say about working with me…


“It has allowed me to feel like I can continue to breastfeed my baby without medication and without feeling like I am poisoning him simply by changing my diet and a few other things. It has made me feel less bloated and nauseous and given me a clear idea of how to discover which foods I and my baby need to avoid. It has given me loads of ideas of better, alternative foods to eat which will improve the overall health of my whole family.


Before the programme I felt I did not have the knowledge or experience to fix my baby's problems and that my sources of help (GP, health visitor, internet) were not able to provide what I needed as there was so much conflicting information and advice that I did not know where to start. It felt very demoralising. However this programme gives you what no one else does, a personalised, one-to-one approach that gradually and subtly allows you to make the necessary changes. The programme has allowed me to continue to breastfeed my baby without medication and without feeling like I am "poisoning" him. All of this has been achieved simply by modifying my diet and implementing a few other changes; there is in fact a holistic approach to the issues and other helpful suggestions where made, for example to help with the wider issues surrounding baby feeding such as tongue-tie and improving the baby's latch. The programme has also made me feel less bloated and nauseous and given me a clear idea of how to discover which foods I and my baby need to avoid. It has also given me many ideas and suggestions for better, alternative foods to eat which I'm confident will improve the overall health of my whole family. Since completing the programme I feel confident and empowered in a way that I would not have though would have been possible before I started it.”


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