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The Double-Edged Sword of Fear and Hope

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2018

 A reflux baby comes with a double-edged sword of fear and hope.  

Reflux parents live in constant fear, fear of what tonight might bring, fear of the pain baby might suffer, fear of uncertainty.


And hope, hope that maybe today will be different, maybe today is the day baby will suddenly "grow out" of their reflux, hope that tonight might be the night that baby sleeps for 2 or 3 hours without waking, hope that tonight will be different. Hope that the next medication will be a wonder-drug, hope that upping the dosage will help without hindering.


But it never is.


The hope gets wiped out every time. Every day. Every night.


And yet, tomorrow we will hope again. Because the hope that something will change is all we have to cling on to.


It is wrong that reflux parents must live like this. It is wrong that our healthcare systems (and this is not limited to the UK, I've had similar reports from the USA, Ireland and across the world) are failing our babies and us. It is unfair that we should ever feel like we are not being listened to.


It is as if the "system" wants more mums with post natal depression. Our carers (health visitors, GPs etc) are unknowingly pushing us off the Cliff of Despair when they refuse to listen, when they don't hear us, when they imply that we are just paranoid.


It is time for a change in the way we treat babies with colic, reflux, silent reflux, CMPA and other food intolerances and allergies.


I am standing up for all the hundreds of thousands of babies who are suffering, and their families. I am here to let you know there is a better way.


From the outset, I believe we must start to trust ourselves again, we must trust ourselves to listen to our babies, observe what they are telling us and respond to this. We must trust that we can influence what is going on for them. We must trust our own instinct that tells us something is wrong.


The beginning of resolving your baby's reflux begins with understanding what is causing their reflux.  I have written before about this, and as much detail as I have is shared in my upcoming book The Baby Reflux Lady's Survival Guide.  


Because depending on what is causing your baby's reflux, there will be a different answer to the resolution. For some it will be revising a tongue tie. For others it will be modifying diet, and this can be a breastfeeding mothers diet, the formula baby is drinking or the food baby is eating, or all of the above. For some others it will be merely finding a bottle or feeding position that allows baby to latch better and others might need some gentle structural realignments (e.g. osteopathy or chiropractic) after birth to remove internal stresses  from their little bodies.


Whatever the solution for your baby, understanding the causes better will allow you a much greater chance of success much earlier.  It will allow you to enjoy parenthood.


So observe your baby closely, what are they trying to say without words? Observe, record and listen. Then form a better question.


If your question leads you to the conclusion that your baby's digestive system is being over-strained by the milk or food they are eating and you would like my help in finding their Place of Great, then book yourself a free call with me here.


If you want to move away from fear and into confidence, if you want the hope to become trust, so that you know what causes your baby's reflux, so that you resolve it, and such that your  baby and your life are more predicable, more comfortable and a lot calmer, book yourself a free call with me here.


Aine x


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