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Stirred, Not Shaken

I wonder why instructions for preparing infant formula milks say “shake”. 


No, actually, I do - that’s to make sure the powder is mixed properly. But

 surely you can just stir the formula properly with a sterile spoon?


You see, much of baby’s problems with reflux stem from them drinking too much air. And when you shake a bottle of milk, any milk, you introduce air bubbles into it. If you were then to leave it to settle, it would take more than the time stated for drinking it for all the air to settle again. 


If your baby suffers from any of the following symptoms there is a high probability they are drinking too much air which is contributing to their reflux discomforts. 

  1. Gulping or choking when feeding

  2. You can hear milk sloshing in their tummy 

  3. Regurgitation or refluxing during a feed or shortly afterwards 

  4. Burps during or after a feed 

In these situations, do everything you can to reduce the amount of air your baby drinks. Opt for a sterilised spoon and stir well. 


And beware of the electric milk stirrers you get, they too introduce air and froth into the milk, not what we want. Stick with a sterilised spoon. Stir well, and well, and then a bit more. Make sure the milk is mixed and then serve!


Baby is not James Bond.... well yet anyways! 


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