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Social Media Makes Baby Reflux More Isolating

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2018

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc etc etc, could be making your life a lot worse than it needs to be. 

Don't get me wrong, I ❤️ facebook and am a recent member to the instagram family. However, some years ago I took a hiatus from facebook because it was ruining my life.


You see, with a reflux baby, with children who cannot eat the same as everyone else because of food allergies, I was seeing perfect images of my friends and their kids at the beach enjoying ice-cream. Something mine will never be able to do.




Because they are allergic to dairy. And even sorbets have milk added (yip - check the labels! unless we are lucky enough to find a posh sorbet brand somewhere but they are usually reserved for restaurants in my experience).


My approach to removing the app from my phone saved my sanity somewhat.


You see, I see parents not helping themselves.


In conversations with parents, I often come across the phrase "no-one else seems to understand what its really like".


Truthfully - how could they know?  And how could they even start to think that you are suffering like you say you are...


Think about this for a moment...


What photos do you post on social media? Are they photos of a smiling gurgling goo-ing gorgeous happy baby or are they live videos of 45 minute screaming sessions?  Are they baby in the buggy sleeping with the caption "baby finally sleeping" or are they photos of baby screaming on the bathroom floor because you actually have to put them down somewhere to use the loo?


Remember, all the perfectly amazing photos that you share with the world and your friends are their window into your life unless they are actually in your life on a daily basis.


So despite what you say you are going through, are you showing your following something slightly or very different?


It may be true that no-one understands you right now other than those you have managed to find who also have unsettled babies.


By gentle on yourself and be kind to others too. No-one knows what is going on for you unless you tell them. And then be aware of what and how you are telling them.  Especially if you are a master at holding it together.


And reflux parents are masters at holding it together. Because they have to be.


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