Reflux: The Meds Don't Work...

With 60% *of babies diagnosed with reflux, silent reflux, colic, CMPA and various other food allergies or intolerances, still having symptoms with the medications, I believe there has to be a better question to result in better outcomes for these babies and their families.

Because reflux does not just impact baby, it has a massive impact on the whole family.  Regardless of who looks after baby, typically there is a lot of time that parents don't spend together, the trials of coping with a screaming baby all day long takes its toll on any carer, introduces stress into their life that typically gets re-channeled and re-directed at an unwitting partner, or an unsuspecting stranger, or an innocent mother-in-law.


There has to be something else going on.  


Now I believe in finding the root cause of something.  I believe that as far as possible, in treating the cause of the symptoms and not just hiding the symptoms because the underlying problem rarely gets resolved in this instance.  


This has been ingrained in me from how I dealt with professional clients in the corporate world, and also in the way I have been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine to see how I can treat my patients as few times as possible and have them never need to come back to me, because we find and resolve the root cause.

For my girls, this way was food.


By the time my eldest was diagnosed and offered medication for her silent reflux symptoms, I figured I'd been through the worst of it.  And the mediation was not going to resolve the reflux, it was going to deal with the symptoms.  

I knew a lot about how food interacted with the adult body by that stage of life (after 4 years of changing my own life through food alone). 

I reckoned things couldn't get any worse. I gave myself 6 weeks to try food and then I would give meds if things continued as they were with no improvement or getting worse. 

 With that deal with myself, I started keeping a detailed food and symptom diary, for me and Sunflower.   Then I started an elimination diet. 

On returning to basic foods I saw a noticeable difference. And by introducing new foods slowly I was able to pin point problems and avoid them easily.  

3 weeks later I had a different daughter. Not to mention on the way to shedding my own baby weight which had been hanging around for 7+ months despite me breastfeeding.  

Everything I learned is a way of approaching food for babies. I also have a very different list of risky foods for babies including apples and pears, and all types of baby cereal, food typically on the standard list of baby's first foods. There are good reasons behind the difference in my list from a scientific point of view which I will explain fully in my book. Click here to read more about it.

Lots of love

Aine x


*Data from the Reflux Survey designed and managed by Aine Homer. You can still add your voice to the conversation if you haven't already. A x

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