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Do you know this mum?

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2017


Do you know this woman? She's funny, she's happy. She's got everything together.  Apparently her baby doesn't sleep but it doesn't show - she turns up to every new-mum group meet, every cup of coffee offered and she's the first to say 'yes'. She's always out and about. 

Perhaps because she cannot bear to be at home on her own with a screaming baby, a baby who is either always eating or always wanting to be. 

Or she's never there, her baby has constant doctor appointments, with no real answers and she secretly tearing her hair out because She knows there is something not right. Something is wrong. But she's getting fobbed off. Or the medications are not working. 

On the inside she's seething... "How the f* can everyone else's baby be sleeping for 4+ hours at a time at 6 weeks and what about So-and-So? Her baby is sleeping 8 hours..." Why? How? 

And one day, she will be happy for her friends who had blissful experiences of infancy, because she wouldn't wish reflux on anyone, but not right now.  It's too hard to see through the haze of vomit and the bigger piles of washing and the sleepless nights.

She has endless doctors appointments for her baby. She's always going to an osteopath or a homeopath or a -path of one sort or another. And when she says it helps massively, you're not so sure because a few days later her baby is in masses of discomfort and pain again. So maybe it's only helping for a few days.


Can I help her?


She needs help from someone who is going to listen to her. 

Thats the the first part of what I do. Listen. 

As a traditionally trained Chinese medicine acupuncturist, the basis of all consultations is that whatever is going on for my client is real. Whatever is going on for her baby is real. 

And from my own experience of this, I know this is real. 

I work with reflux babies and their mums to navigate food and reflux / colic and other food intolerance and allergies.  I have been a professional pattern spotter for over 14 years.  I am a student of food and nutrition for food allergies and intolerances.

I have figured out how food interacts with baby's immature digestive systems and this is knowledge I want to share with the parents of babies who are suffering. 


I develop a strategy for figuring out what is going on with their baby and food, and then put an action plan together so that they can go forward with confidence in the food that they are giving their babies, confident that this food is not going to cause pain.

If know this mum, if she's struggling even more with introducing food to her baby with reflux flare-ups. 

Please. Please. Please. Get her to call me and see if I can help her and her baby. 

She can book a no obligation call here. 

Aine x


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