Case Study: Leanne Tojagic

The Baby Reflux Lady was founded by a mum who gets how awful parenting through reflux really is. Which means you can expect compassion whether you sign-up for 1-1 reflux support or the 'Reflux Free Baby' Workshop and other course. Here's what Leanne had to say:

"Áine and I started to work together when my daughter had just turned 1. I was breastfeeding and struggling with figuring out what was bothering her... Everything bothered her.

She wouldn’t sleep, she refluxed day and night, and breastfed every hour.

Áine helped me through my elimination diet and though we had some successes it wasn't all successful - our journey has become an extremely complex one.

Needless to say, the whole time Áine has coached me through my struggles as a breastfeeding mother, barely eating anything to getting some safe foods on board.
Áine helped me through those struggles by reassuring, empathising, advising and guiding me. Every day.

Áine helped not only me, but my family too, my husband and my daughter as well as myself.

I spoke to Áine like she was a family member, if not more often (!) and her advice was always valued. She was always professional no matter how bizarre my questions or neurotic I was in a particular moment.

Áine always came back to me when she wasn’t able to give an answer straight away, she’d do some research into our situation and then give an answer.

A true professional, honouring her word and always being there for not only food-advice, but for helping me with my mental health in my times of need too."

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