The Signs Your Baby's Cries are Due to Reflux

The cries of a baby are tough enough to decipher at the best of times, and there are a lot of people now learning what babies are telling us, however, you don’t need to be a qualified expert in baby cries to be able to know what is going on.

The truth is, we all spoke baby once, we just doubt ourselves now that we haven’t practiced for so long. I want you to remember that you DO know what is going on here.

Given that you’re likely to be exhausted and searching for clues, here are some of my observations from personal experience and from speaking with hundreds of clients over the last few years…

A baby who is crying due to discomfort or pain will have a high-pitched sound unlike that of any other “normal baby cry” that you might hear.

It will really pull on your heartstrings and you know that you must respond.

Your baby is not trying to manipulate you, they are asking for help.

A baby who is crying with pain or discomfort is unlikely to stop for periods and look around checking to see if anyone is listening…! 

Honestly, this happens, although not until your little one is 9+ months old and learning how to change their behaviour to create a desired outcome! 

If your older little one is doing this around bedtime, then it’s possibly time to call in the support of a sleep consultant. Check out our qualified Baby Reflux Ladies, many of whom are both reflux and sleep experts. 

If your baby is comfortable and settles only in a very particular position, or when you’re doing a specific move (for my eldest, this was squats… and not just any old squats, these were full deep squats she wanted, and anything less set her off again! – Honestly!) no matter how bizarre it seems to us as adults, this specific movement is providing some sort of relief to them, and it’s time to understand what is causing discomfort from which they need relief.

And finally, the most important tip I can give you with regards to your baby’s crying, is to trust yourself. Yes, babies cry. This is normal. This is their only way to communicate. However, not every baby cries for hours and hours each day and night, requiring what feels like phenomenal amounts of comfort.

If you feel, think, or believe that your baby is more unsettled than they should be, they probably are, and there is something we can do to help them be more comfortable in their body so that they are calmer, happier and overall pain free.

Until then, keeping doing all you're doing and know you are amazing.

No child was ever spoiled with love. 

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