What You Need To Know To Make An Informed Decision About Reflux Medications for Your Baby


I understand...

The decision to give your baby medications to help their reflux is an agonising one.

The worry about whether it is the right thing to do or not...

The questions about whether it will work or not and what if it doesn't...

Whether you have yet to make this decision, or if you have already made it one way or the other, I want to make sure that you have the information that you should have.

These questions are the questions you should be getting answers to from your baby's doctor. These questions will help you to make an informed decision.

I want you be, and to feel like you're informed, I want you to feel confident in your choices, because I didn't.

I didn't have support or knowledge about these things when I needed it the most.

I want you to be supported and informed.

These are the questions I believe we all need the answers to, so that we can make that decision with a clear conscious...

  1. What is causing my baby’s discomfort?

  2. Why does my baby need this medication?

  3. What does it do and how will it help my baby?

  4. What are the side effects I should be looking out for?

  5. Is this medication licensed for use in infants?

  6. How long will it take to work? Why?

  7. How confident are you that it will completely resolve my baby’s discomfort?

  8. What if it doesn’t?

  9. How long will my baby be on it?

  10. What is the weaning process from the medication?

  11. What is the review period for this?

  12. What should I do?


If you would like the answers to those questions, complete the short form below and I'll send you the answers over the coming days.

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